High-End Lighting Ideas from Forbes & Lomax

No design detail should go unnoticed. Since the 1980s, Forbes & Lomax has been crafting high-end, multifunctional lightswitches that blend flawlessly with any interior style. Most famous for its “Invisible Lightswitch®,” which allows the paint or wallcovering in the space to show through a clear acrylic faceplate, the brand is also known for their range of metal finish faceplates that come with toggles, dimmers, push buttons, and outlets, creating better functionality and perfect lighting. Transform the aesthetic and functionality of a wall with a new switch plate from Forbes & Lomax.

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Toggle light switches add a touch of flair to any space, as demonstrated by this aged brass plate with an antiqued finish. When unlacquered, the plates continue to patina with time and use, making them unique and full of character. Shown here: Two Gang Toggle Switches in Aged Brass.

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Rotary dimmers are beautiful and practical — push to switch them on or off, and rotate to dim and brighten. Usable with both incandescent and LED fixtures, aged brass rotary dimmers contribute a sense of permanence to a space, even if it has been recently built or renovated. Shown here: Two Gang Rotary Dimmers in Aged Brass.

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Featuring a brass toggle in this image, the Invisible Lightswitch is a subtle, unique addition to a wall. It’s screwless, so that nothing distracts from eyecatching wallcoverings underneath. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Invisible with Brass.

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Visible here in antique bronze, these push button switches integrate with most home automation systems, including Crestron, Lutron Homeworks, Savant, and Control 4. Multifunctional, they’re programmable to work as dimmers or preset lighting scenes, and open and close window shades. Shown here: Vertical Three Gang Push Buttons in Antique Bronze.

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An aged brass toggle lightswitch is simple, yet it can easily elevate the style of a space. Forbes & Lomax offers the toggle switch in seven plate finishes that coordinate with the surrounding hardware, and they can be linked to lighting or home automation systems that require a momentary contact closure switch. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Aged Brass.

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Rotary dimmers can be combined with toggle switches or button pushes on the same plate, as shown in this antique bronze version. When lighting levels are reduced, state-of-the-art electrical design saves energy and extends bulb life. Shown here: Three Gang, Two Toggles, One Rotary Dimmer Plate in Antique Bronze.

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These unlaquered brass rotary dimmers provide different styling options. If unpolished, the brass mellows with age, or it can be polished to a high shine if desired. Matching outlet plates are also available. Shown here: Two Gang Rotary Dimmers in Unlacquered Brass.

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Aged brass is an exciting addition to a wall outlet. Forbes & Lomax offers a variety of receptacles, including outlets for power, phone, data, and cable television, in their full range of finishes. Inserts are available in white, black, gray, light almond, and concrete. Shown here: Duplex GFCI Outlet in Aged Brass.

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In unlacquered brass, this single rotary dimmer easily changes the lighting in a room. Shown here: One Gang Rotary Dimmer in Unlacquered Brass.

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Available in seven different finishes, the switch plates are screwless for a clean and sophisticated look. The unlacquered brass toggle lightswitch is featured here. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Unlacquered Brass.

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It’s simple to program push button switches as dimmers or pre-set lighting scenes, or use them to turn off all the lighting in the house. The plates are also engravable to suit a range of needs, as this antique bronze plate reveals. Shown here: Vertical Four Gang Push  Buttons in Antique Bronze.

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All dimmers and switches feature screwless, flush-fitting wall plates for a sleek, minimalist finish to a space. Featured here, an antique bronze rotary dimmer complements a wooden wall. Shown here: Two Gang Rotary Dimmers in Antique Bronze.

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Designed to integrate with programmable lighting control and home automation systems, these controllers provide an attractive alternative to standard keypads. Shown here: Three Gang Push Buttons in Unlacquered Brass.

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In this image, the Invisible Lightswitch with a brass toggle allows the innovative wallcovering to shine through. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Invisible with Brass Toggle.

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The 1.8-millimeter wallplate comes in a range of switch combinations from one to six gangs. Custom sizes are available on request. In this image, the nickel silver finish has a mirrored quality, reflecting the surrounding space. Shown here: Four Gang, Two Toggles, Two Rotary Dimmers Plate in Nickel Silver.

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The Invisible Lightswitch is inspired by 1930s glass switch plates — the model from Forbes & Lomax features innovative modern technology. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Invisible with Unlacquered Brass.

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Antique bronze is a popular finish for Forbes & Lomax lightswitches, as it adds a hint of warmth and color to both contemporary and traditional interiors, including unique wall textures. Here antique bronze offsets the natural coloring of the wood paneling. Shown here: One Gang Toggle Switch in Antique Bronze.