Are you so obsessed with Chip and Jo’s Fixer Upper that you can pretty much rattle off every home ever flipped by the first couple of HGTV? If so, this news is going to make you very happy—especially if you live in Waco, Texas. A home renovated by the couple on the hit TV show is now on the market.

Built in the 1940s, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom “Dutch Door House” (as it’s so lovingly called) has been fixed up (sorry) with French-country style fixtures, while still leaving the original architectural details intact. Located at 3201 Windsor Avenue, the single-story ranch-style home was originally renovated for young couple Kelsey and Trip Purks as they started a family, per HGTV. By replacing the original white paint on the exterior with a grey-green exterior and black and white trim, the couple transformed the previously drab home into a calming oasis, with the exterior mimicking the look of dark-stained wood.

Inside, an open floor plan provides airiness, with a combined living and dining room that Chip and Jo created to increase the scale of the home. Hardwood floors keep with the modern farmhouse feel the Gaineses are known for.
Of course, a classic fireplace is a must, along with some seriously statement-making lighting (check out that gold-accented chandelier out back). Large windows allow plenty of light to balance out the deeper tones of the wood. The dining area is partially separated from the kitchen by a peninsula, giving way to two concentrated areas without losing that open floor feel.
The home features three bedrooms, so plenty of opportunities to make at least one of spare rooms do double duty as a guest room and a stylish home office, perhaps, or maybe a library? 
The master bedroom is cozy and inviting; you can fit a huge king-sized bed in it and still have room for a seating area. The en-suite all-white bathroom adds a level of luxury.
The couple also chose to add a wall to create a little nook for laundry, thus making sure every single space in the home has been utilized. “ Every detail of this home plays back to the original character—the solid wood floors throughout, crown molding, and the wood burning fireplace, just to name a few,” writes listing agent Hayley Holden.

Check out the entire home here, which is listed by by Chip and Jo’s own Magnolia Realty Waco for $319,900. Fun fact? The attached guesthouse has also been listed on Airbnb, with a 95 percent approval rating—not that we’d expect anything less from the Gainses.

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