Hazel Tan Apartment is a warm contemporary home located in Bucharest, Romania, redesigned in 2020 by Jooca Studio.


Situated in a ‘80s building downtown Bucharest, the Hazel Tan apartment underwent a complete renovation and transformation. The clients wanted to create a warm and soothing oasis, that could bring them calm and relaxation after a long work day.

All the old finishes were changed, and also the electrical, plumbing and heating installations. The walls were all cleaned and partially straightened.

In order to visually enlarge the space and to mask the many visible beams, some walls were covered in wood textured panels and the storage furniture went all the way to the ceiling.

Fort the same effect, coplanar doors were chosen. Painted the same color as the wall, they create the impression of a continuous surface.

The general lighting was created with magnetic track lights, the same for the whole apartment. Some spectacular pendant lights were added though, for a second layer of lighting and a dramatic effect.

Photography courtesy of Jooca Studio

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