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Happy new year. Hell, happy new decade. It feels pretty appropriately timed, actually.

This year I turned 40 and TODAY the blog turns 10 (more on that later), so my levels of self-reflection and toleration of bullshit are both at an epic high. You’ve all heard this – Turning 40 does something to you. You can recognize your successes, sure, but also see more clearly your failings and the growth you get from that is un-calculatable. This kind of growth is where life actually becomes interesting – like you are watching a movie of your own life, cringing at so many uncomfortable moments, sad for some of the characters, cheering on others. Sometimes you are bored, other times riveted but ultimately you can’t wait to see what happens – how does it all end????

Failing becomes a huge part of the plot, and like anything in life, it’s how you react (or not) that defines you. You’ll read all about it, in more in-depth “10 years of starting, building and running a creative business” series that I’m already deep into writing (it’s like my kind of self-indulgent porn). I started writing my “10-year blog anniversary post’ and it was already at 7,697 words so my team helped me break it up into the things you really care about – less full-blown memoir, more useful information – because you KNOW I can’t wait to share how I really think I got here, looking back what steps really helped build this business, and of course the mistakes/lessons I got to learn along the way.

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I’m approaching this new chapter of my life and business with so much excitement, relief, giddy anticipation, and more confidence than ever, armed with a now tighter team of awesome creative women, an extremely supportive husband and a mountain load of GRIT. I may not have gone to business school, but let me tell you this – you can’t teach or learn how to do life/business/marriage at even the best ivy league university. Sure, they can tell you how to operate a “successful” business, but no one can teach you how to be fulfilled or even define what that means for you. I’m taking what I’ve done and learned in the last decade and flipping it towards the future. I’m using it as a friendly weapon, a proud ax to clear the brush, and break open something totally new for me, my business and yes, you if you want to stick around (please do, it’s going to be goooooooooddddd, and if not at least interesting?).

Just that.

Gosh, I really meant this to be a short ‘see you on January 6th’ post, but per usual I’m a wordy lady.

I’ll get more into this later, but I need to do a quick thank you so much for following along, whether its been just a few times, only the last year or from the beginning. My connection with you gives me and this blog purpose, typed with glassy, grateful eyes.


See you next week, where the next chapter/act begins. I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens. ?



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