It’s amazing how much a chandelier or a pendant lamp can impact the decor of a room and the ambiance in it. Hanging lights are one of those things that can make or break a design and that complete a room, just like a rug or a set of curtains do. Pretty much any modern pendant light has the potential to make a room look great and feel inviting. Here are some of the designs that we find most interesting. Check them out and maybe you’ll find something that you like too.

This is a large, two-tier chandelier that would be just right for a dining area. Dining room lighting is a bit tricky and difficult to get right but designs like this one make the decision-making process quite simple. The size and shape of the pendant is ideal for rooms with large, rectangular tables.

Nuvole di Pietra is a modern pendant lamp with antique details, a combination that’s not as unusual or as contrasting as you might think. The design is pretty simple. Six satellites burst from the center, each having a slightly different shape and size compared to the others.

A pendant lamp or a chandelier doesn’t need an overly sophisticated design to look glamorous. Take the Annello pendant for example. It features three circular frames decorated with crystal bricks. It’s both simple and luxurious and the form and materials complement each other beautifully.

Any one of these four pendants could look exquisite in a modern living room, bedroom or even kitchen. The Miro pendant is striking and bold, being subtle at the same time. To its right is the Blossom chandelier that puts an emphasis on its sculptural charm and its delicate design created out of burnt and forged steel. Then comes the Cocoon pendant which has a design inspired by the intricate and delicate structures built by spiders and other insects. The old or silver leaf accents are quite glamorous. Pendant lighting can take many different forms and one of them is displayed here by the Orb pendant, a beautiful piece that resemblance the delicate drops of dew in the morning.

Both of these light fixtures stand out thanks to their geometry and sculptural beauty. The one on the right is the Luca chandelier. It’s spectacular and eye-catching mostly because of all the hand-textured and patinated brass platelets. It gives out a golden glow. The other one is ideal for stairwells. Used individually or in groups of three, the Flynn Stairwell Lantern has the ability to transform an area and to make it look sophisticated while preserving its casual simplicity.

In spite of all the details that define the design of the Phoenix ceiling light, this is actually a pretty versatile fixture. At the base of the whole design is the hexagon. The geometric shape is twisted and turned to create branches and clusters of plates. The patina and the color palette are inspired by nature. Shades or orange and red give the fixture a rusty look.

Aren’t these hanging pendant lights just charming? They look a bit like vintage lanterns, with their weathered brass frames and glass sides. The Quad pendants come in four different sizes so you can be sure to find the version that best suits your room.

Ever thought of getting a pendant lamp shaped like a tea pot? We didn’t really think such designs were an option until we saw these. They’re part of a whimsical collection of pendants shaped like tea cups and teapots. They’re perfect for kitchens and dining rooms. Check out the Tea 5, Tea 2 and Tea 1 models in particular. They’re the ones displayed here.

There are plenty of abstract and original designs when it comes to pendant lighting, especially the contemporary kind. However, sometimes the classical designs are the ones that we need so it’s also refreshing to see creations such as the Epsilon chandelier which merge the past and the present in fresh and elegant way.

The design of the Iolite chandelier is also somewhere between antique and modern. This is a chandelier that has a solid brass body with alabaster diffusers that are looking rather futuristic. And yet the contrast is not too strong. The chandelier has an antique brass finish with polished brass accents.

The design of the After Glow pendant lamps is a bit unusual in the sense that they look intentionally uneven which makes one wonder whether they’re broken or this is their intended appearance. The burnished brass finish is mixed with tempered glass and the result is a chic industrial look worthy of a contemporary space. Quite the interesting take on the drum pendant.

We can’t decide what we like more, the sunburst design variation featured by the Exxess chandelier or its warm and delicate glow. This is definitely the type of pendant lamp that you want to put on display and to highlight in a dramatic way so perhaps you could strategically place a mirror somewhere in the room to achieve the desired look.

The beauty of the Bolle chandelier comes from its simplicity. This is a lovely take on the classical globe pendant, a design that plays with contrasts both in terms of materials and form. Six transparent blown glass spheres are attached to a metal frame in hand burnished brass, a finish that gives it a lot of character.

The inspiration for the designs of the Prismatic pendant lamps comes from traditional light fixtures that used this sort of textured glass. This series, however, allows the designs to transition from traditional to modern and to look beautiful in a variety of different settings and decors.

There’s also something familiar about the Pembridge chandeliers which feature these tiers of fine bone china that are reminiscent of certain traditional and vintage designs that used to be very popular some time ago. The light these chandeliers offer is gentle and diffuse and this makes them ideal for bedrooms or other spaces that need to rather be cozy and inviting than very bright.

Some pendant lamps are actually more effective as decorations than as lighting fixtures. The Principe pendant, for instance, is a beautiful sculpture and an eye-catching ornament that can’t be overlooked. The antique brass and walnut accents are complemented by rock crystals and this turns the pendant into a unique focal point for the room.

Now this is a memorable pendant lamp. It doesn’t look that striking at first but the more you look at it the more you become mesmerized by its beauty. This is the Melt pendant, a globe that features this melting hot blown glass effect. It’s translucent when it’s on and it has a mirror finish when it’s off.

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