Call me crazy but I love (and have always loved) a hip pack (otherwise known as a waist pack or fanny pack). Growing up in the 80’s, fanny packs were a must have accessory and like so many trends it came and went. But honestly, this was one of those trends I was sad to see go! There is something so practical about a hip pack which is why I was so happy to see them make a comeback! I’ve got myself a little collection of colorful and unique hip packs and I thought it would be fun to add a funky and creative pack to my collection!
I found a denim pack. In my opinion, denim is the next best thing to canvas if you want to paint on that surface. It behaves a lot like canvas and the best part is that you can layer and layer and layer all that color!
Then I got messy! I painted about 2-3 layers of colorful brushstrokes and drips and then I let it dry.
Then I got busy adding all that line work and detail that I love. I used Golden High Flow Acrylics it has nice flow (a lot like ink) but it is permanent.

I used white paint to “paint out” some space for more designs

The result is a SUPER unique and funky hip pack!