The hall tree is that piece of furniture usually found near the entryway in a home on which items such as hats, coats and other accessories are stored by both the owners and the guests. This piece of furniture can feature elements such as mirrors, drawers and sometimes benches. Hall tree benches are really popular and a welcomed addition to any entryway or mudroom.

The bench can be the main element. It can have storage drawers or open compartments for shoes under it and shelves for accessories mounted on the wall, just above it.{found on jillwolffdesign}.

Simplified designs are available for small hallways or for homes that prefer to maintain a minimalist and airy look throughout. The hall tree can be just a combination of a bench and a tall backrest with hooks on it.

As far as style goes, there are numerous options to choose from. A vintage-inspired hall tree with a bench can look beautiful in a rustic cottage. The distressed finish is complemented by the woven basket used as an accessory and a storage feature.{found on tumbleweedanddandelion}.

If you want, you can make your own hall tree from an old door. You can add a box at the bottom for stability and that box can also serve as a bench and as a storage compartment for scarves and other accessories.{found on beyondthepicketfence}.

It’s important for entryways and mudrooms to be organized so a well-designed hall tree can be the key to that. This one is perfect. It includes a bench to sit on, eight compartments underneath for storing shoes, a shelf for bags and other accessories and hooks for the coats.

This one has a classic allure but the dark finish also allows it to look nice in a more modern setting. The mirror is positioned at the center, allowing room for hooks on either side. The bench has a comfy cushion for increased comfort.

You should take into consideration the size and shape of your hallway when deciding for a hall tree design. So, for example, if the space is long and narrow, perhaps a hall tree and a bench that share the same characteristics could work well in such a setting.

The hall tree and the bench can be two separate elements. In here, for example, the bench is the main element and the shelf and the hooks mounted on the wall above it serve as accessories. The patterned pillows and the cushion give the hallway a really welcoming look.

If you want to put a hall tree bench in the mudroom, make sure there’s plenty of room for your boots, gloves and accessories. So a long bench with compartments underneath and a large shelf at the top would be a good mix.{found on gonyeahomes}.

We really like this traditional design. It seems to have a wonderful structure. There are the shelves for the shoes at the bottom, the bench on which to sit on, the hooks for the coats and also several cubbies for hats and bags. There’s even a series of enclosed compartments on the left.

If you’d rather not have all your clothes and accessories in plain sight for everyone to see, then you can opt for enclosed compartments. However, a few hooks would be useful, just in case.

There’s no right or wrong way to design a hall tree bench. It all depends on the space available and the style chosen. This is a traditional entryway and the bench is small but manages to offer extra storage in drawers. It’s also nice that it fits in the corner and feels cozy.{found on robsonhomes}.

A farmhouse-style bench could look something like this: robust, simple and full of character. Thick pieces of reclaimed wood are joint together, creating a strong and durable bench perfect for this space.{found on zplusarchitects}.

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