Beautiful hairstyles of braids have always been popular among the fair sex. Undoubtedly because braid is for girls the symbol of beauty and femininity, allowing you to show off the luxurious and manicured hair.

Hairstyles of braids not only look beautiful on long hair. Glamorous hairstyle of braids you can also create and medium length hair.

Hairstyles of braids 2019 can transform your style and appearance, making the image more gentle and sweet, in some cases, or, on the contrary, more bold and bright in others.

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Trendy hairstyles with weaving braid for medium hair gives a soft and light, allowing you to use them to create elegant images are not only for girls but also for women.

Options of braids for medium hair presents many from the classic braids hairstyles braids waterfall, fishtail, French braid, braiding on the contrary, Grecian braid for medium hair.

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Hairstyles with weave braids for medium hair that give the hair volume and weightlessness that best complement not only the daily images, and luxurious evening and bows with elegant dresses and elegant accessories.

If you know how to braid, then offer you the original versions of hairstyles from braids for medium hair, otherwise you can contact a professional technician, finding inspiration in our images of hairstyles from braids for medium hair, 2019.

Crown – original braid for medium hair 2019

Braid, as if tied around her head is a versatile hairstyle. It looks very soft, but to implement it is quite simple. It is necessary to separate hair in the center of them and tie is not tight ponytail. The remaining hair should form a bezel width of about 4 cm. Taking out the first strands begin to weave a French braid, taking hair from the top. Braid braid so that it fell midway between the two divided parts. Put the braid until, until you reach the beginning.

The remaining loose hair are braided in an ordinary braid, secured with an elastic and hide inside of the formed crown.

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Hairstyle with braid and wavy medium hair 2019

It’s pretty simple, but at the same time interesting and unusual hairstyle for medium and long hair. It is easy to repeat! See our master class.

First well washed and dried your hair curl with the help of forceps in delicate curls.

2. Then proceed to weave an inverted Dutch braid. For this, separate two symmetrical strands from the center of the head and each divide has three parts.

3. Zapletal braids, alternately inserting the side strands under the middle, and taking in this part of the hair-free below.

4. A certain amount of hair leaving the front free. Braids stacked one above another in the middle of the back of the head and fasten with Bobby pins.

5. The strands from the braids pulling slightly, creating the effect of rattrapante. Fix all the varnish.

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French braid for medium hair 2019

Hairstyles with French braids will look perfect for light and dark hair. Better they are weaved on the smooth strands, so curly will first have to pull the flat iron and spray it with a special tool. The easiest way to do a French braid on the second day after washing your hair, as they slip, well keep their shape and not disintegrate.

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Given the fact that medium hair is often worn either with bangs, or cascading French braids for medium hair have their limitations. To braid looked neat, and the side strands do not fall out immediately after laying, the usual French braid is better not to braid.

Given that medium length hair is most often worn with bangs, French braids for medium hair have and limitations.

The convenience of this weaving is that when you create hairstyles you can use curls and strands of different lengths: short, medium, long.

There are many interesting options for this length, weave «collar». This braid, which is woven in the form of a rim on the head in the classic technique of a French braid.

It is recommended that the diagonal French braid. She looks spectacular and perfectly lasts all day, giving hair a subtle asymmetry.

Please note that French braids for medium hair to turn out perfect when they are of the same length, such as half-inch square. But even haircuts in the style of «cascade» can be a good braid French braid.

Модные прически с косами на средние волосы 2019 фотоМодные прически с косами на средние волосы 2019 фото

Fishtail Dutch braids for medium hair 2019

To do that, you need, starting with the top of the head twisting small sections of hair from both sides from the intersection of the middle line. It is also possible to braid a unilateral plait, weave starting from the side parting and swiping a line weaving along the face down to the shoulder on one side. Braid to doblesti to the tips, which to fix on the end with a rubber band. Based on this weaving, you can create all of the above hairstyle, several altering them.

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A bundle of braid for medium hair 2019

Another popular tresses for medium hair — beam. It gives the well maintained and elegant look. To create it you need only five to ten minutes. This hairstyle is universal. It is suitable for any environment: home, work and even holidays (provided that will be used for more decorative accessories). The basis of this hairstyles with braids also acts as a tail tidy. Then woven fishtail or normal braid of three strands. Further, from the spit is formed by a bundle that needs to be fixed with pins.

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Spike medium hair 2019

To make the traditional spike, you need to prepare the hair: wash, dry and comb. This option is useful in the sense that collected spike the hair does not disintegrate and bangs do not get in eyes. This will be ideal for nature trips, for example.

    First you need to divide hair into three equal strands like a normal braid. You need to separate the strand, located at the base of the forehead. Then we need to take a small strand from the right and then to the left and add them in the lateral strand basic braids. Should cross strands such as ordinary weaving, gradually adding the side strands. Spike trudges up to that time, until the braid is woven are not all the side strands. After that, the braid is woven in the usual way.

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That hairstyle was more original and unique, you can braid in the ear opposite: starting from the bottom and continuing upward. You need to tilt the head to comb the hair and apply the gel for the formation of stacking. Near the base of the hair in the back part of the need to form three equal to the thickness of the strands and begin to weave a normal cone (see steps described above). But with every weave, you should try to fly more and more wide strands. After reaching the top, we need to secure the tail with an elastic or barrette, put the ends of the spike, as desired.

Halo braid for medium hair 2019

Another traditional option – the Greek spit. And it has many varieties, a constant feature which is the method of weaving: it is performed only on the contour of the hairline.

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Hair should be brushed to highlight the parting in the middle of the head, from forehead to nape. Part hair to the right of the parting temporarily fasten with a clamp, so it will not interfere with work. To the left of the part you want to separate a small beam to his temple and divide it into three equal strands. To run weave braids need counterclockwise. Each crossing should weave a small zawitoski bottom. Continues execution of the work to the back of the head. You should try to weave the hair stay tight to not pull individual strands. The tips of the hair need to temporarily fasten a rubber band. We must continue to weave the same braid on the right. Then right and left braids woven into one, their ends are fixed and hiding under the hair with Bobby pins.

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Inverted ponytail for medium hair 2019

One of the options for casual hairstyles with weave medium length-based inverted tail: to create a need to separate flowing hair on side of face a small section which has to be split into three parts and braid them from the traditional braid length somewhere in the half of the circumference of your head plus a few inches; securing a small silicone or rubber band to tone tip, do the same with the other side.
When ready, tie free hair low not tight that a sharp tip of a comb at the top to be split in half; in the hole to push the tip of the tail from outside to inside, and then spread the resulting cushion and tail; braids alternately put inside hairstyles, beautiful spreading them along her sides; under the hair to join the tail and the braids with a thin elastic band into one; the result can leave this, but you can also wrap the tail around the roller again, which is especially important for medium-length, and then fix it with hairpins and lacquer.

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