Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019The hair is shoulder-length look is almost as long. That is why they are popular among women. This year girls with medium hair haircut-Bob, long asymmetrical Bob, cascade and haircut in the style of grunge.

If you look at the price lists of beauty salons, there medium length hair is considered shoulder length hair. But this classification is slightly outdated. Today, when so relevant hair «to the priests» and below, medium length hair is considered to be the length to the middle of the blades in plus/minus. About them now and will be discussed.

Watching the bows from fashion weeks spring-summer 2019, you will surely note, a huge number of models with medium length hair. The beauty of these hair is that they have all the advantages of long hair, but at the same time require much less effort, time and money on maintenance. But if you are one of those who do not want to bother about sophisticated styling and to exercise daily for an hour at the mirror, note the elongated quads as models Chanel, Chloé, Givenchy. These three brands still recommend the girls in this season to give preference to long lush thick bangs, which will be a spectacular addition to developing locks. But if you hate bangs, then you probably will be thrilled with stylish images from Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Marni. The first two brands offered the ladies this season to make parted in the middle, and the third smoothly combed hair back.


The undisputed leader among haircuts medium length it’s safe to call Kare. Of course we don’t mean the classic version on the leg. The caret with elongated front strands derived beats all records of popularity for several years now. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019This success is not surprising. Haircut looks simply amazing, easily lends itself to any styling and goes well with all trendy options for hair coloring. Thanks to the sufficient length of the owner of the caret can create different hairstyles, curls and even braids weave, thereby creating a lot of bright and stylish images.Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019

Special attention should be paid to the graduated Bob. This bold hairstyle becomes the trend again due to its mobility. To put such a caret is a little chaotic. In any case it is not necessary to sleek it or curl the ends outward. Despite its texture, graded caret should look as natural as possible.

Exactly cropped hair

Hair with a perfectly flat slice, too, became one of the hits of 2019. This option is great for owners like a smooth and very curly hair. Smooth edge hair not only visually, but physically, giving them volume at the ends and a little stretching unruly curls. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019 This haircut will help to leave the caret for those who have their sights on growing long hair. Try to abandon tapering. It certainly simplifies the process of laying, but makes cut uneven, and the ends are thin and brittle. To achieve perfect styling will help to curl the ends on large rollers or a large round brush.

Stylish Bob and cascade to medium hair spring-summer 2019 new photo

Sophisticated and elegant medium hair looks Bob. Very popular in the spring and summer will use asymmetric options to smooth or offset slightly parted. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019Never goes out of fashion the cascade. Hair volume is obtained. If you want, you can do curls

Laying No. 1 most storage — Colored dreadlocks and cornrows

The first and most unexpected fashion styling 2019, which will few is colored dreadlocks and cornrows. If you like to stand out and not afraid of comparisons with the Ravers of the 90-ies, it boldly weaves in hair-artificial colored hair, dreadlocks and don’t hesitate in choosing the shade.Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019
Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019This hairdo will remember you immediately. This image was presented on the show of Marc Jacobs. Models on the catwalk showed the crazy height of the platform, dreadlocks and colourful clothes under the familiar songs of those years.

Styling No. 2 – Loose hair removed from the face

The most simple and easily reproducible hair, which is often met at the fashion Week in new York — flowing hair removed from the face. Repeat it quite easy. In addition to not difficult of performance, the advantage of this hairstyle is its practicality. It is suitable for work and office meetings. It can be worn with any clothes. It equally goes well with office or a romantic style. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019For example, the Trouser suit or dress on the floor. As the saying goes — «And in the feast and in the world.» In order to make this hairstyle, take the hair strands from growth lines on the forehead and secure them in the back. Leave the ends free or braid them into a braid. Most importantly, the direction of the tip should be down. Remember. Loose and removed the hair from the face is a great way to focus all attention on the face. So do not forget about light makeup and well – groomed skin is always beautiful.

Laying No. 3 — Perfectly straight hair, cleaned behind the ears

Perfectly smooth (straight) hair replaced wavy «beach» styling. No longer need to curl and carry out other manipulations to get the swirls and curls. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019The hairstyle of the spring season in 2019 – straight hair tucked behind the ears. To repeat — wash your hair, dry it in a natural way (if not in a hurry) or a Hairdryer. Apply straightening products (before or after drying, depending on the tool) and fill the ears of the hair growing from the person.

Styling No. 4 – Low ponytail

Even more simple and practical way to make a fashionable hairstyle 2019 – to collect straight hair in a simple low ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. For variety a rubber band you can wrap your own lock or tie colored ribbon scarf. A lot of options — be creative. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019Also diversify your hairstyle «low tail» can transfer parting, and adding volume. Here you can choose what you like more.

Stacking No. 5— Beam with released lock

To replace sloppy or smooth conservative beams came new — bundle with released lock at his temple. It will make your look more romantic. How to make it? Gather your hair in a bun and release the lock at his temple. The released lock can be screwed on the forceps (ripple or any other Styler) or leave in natural state. Choose what is more right for you.Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019

And remember now in Vogue, ease and naturalness. Be beautiful regardless of fashion trends and time of year!

From what I should avoid

It often happens that we can’t decide on a particular experiment on yourself. Can happen the situation, when, finally pushing his doubts and doing conceived, we find out that it was late and the idea is obsolete. Modern fashion does not put categorical restrictions and allows you to Express yourself. However, if you have been dreaming about shaved nape, short bangs or curly, shaven temple, painting colorblocking, it is necessary to abandon his undertaking and to look for new and relevant to current trends and desires.Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019

Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019

Haircuts always look stylish, and their owner — well maintained. This is one of the reasons why many beauty and fashion bloggers have replaced their long hair on hairstyles medium length. Last there is a great variety that allows you to choose the option which will appeal and suit you. Модные прически на средние волосы весна-лето 2019Don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks and, if you already have an idea to make your hair shorter, go to the salon. In addition to the change in appearance you will get a number of nice bonuses in the form of healthier hair, reduced significantly the time for laying and rapid growth of hair.