The 80’s may be long gone, but big, voluminous hair will never go out of style. Contrary to popular belief, size DOES matter, and today, we’ve teamed up with our friend Sarah Angius to show you how to get mega hair volume. Whether your hair is thin and straight or thick and curly like Sarah’s, these tips will leave you with big hair and a bigger sense of confidence.

Hair Volume: How to get big hair, volumized hair

You will need…

1. A hair dyer with concentrator attachment

2. A big round brush

4. A curling wand or curling iron

3. A teasing brush or paddle brush

4. Volumizing spray or volumizing powder 

Step 1: Heat Protectant

Start off with freshly washed hair, and apply a heat protectant spray all over the hair. As we will be applying quite a bit of heat to the hair during this volumizing process, a heat protectant is essential to retain moisture in the hair and keep it from drying out, which leads to frizzing.

Step 2: Blow out

Hair volume: How to get voluminous hair

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to the perfect hair salon blow out? Well here it is: using your round brush, take small sections of your hair and wrap the hair around the brush, starting at the root. Start blow drying, and slowly pull the brush out from roots to tip while drying the hair, being sure to keep the hair dryer’s nozzle pointed downward. This will ensure that all the hair dries in the same direction smoothly. Roll the round brush up toward the roots and and pull toward tips again and again until the section is completely dry.

Tip from Sarah: For even more volume, keep the sections lifted and blow dry upward, which will create that hair volume at the roots.

Once you’ve blow dried all your hair, finish it off with a blast of cool air to hold and set the style.

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Step 3: Add Luxy Hair Extensions

Luxy Hair extensions are perfect to add that extra thickness to your hair – we suggest going with our thickest 220g set for mega volume. Click here to learn how to clip in a full set of Luxy Hair extensions.

Hair Volume: How to get voluminous hair

Step 4: Curl The Hair

Using a curling wand, twist sections of your hair away from your face, curling all the hair sections in the same direction. You can use your finger to tell when the hair is getting hot enough to release it. 

Hair Volume: How to get voluminous hair

Tip from Sarah: Leave each curled section alone until you’re finished curling all the hair. This will allow the curls to cool and set, and they will hold for much longer.

One you’ve curled all the hair, scrunch them upwards to make sure all the hair is perfectly curled. Click here for Mimi’s 5 ways to curl your hair with a curling wand, or learn how to curl your hair with a straightener if you do not have a curling wand or curling iron.  

Step 5: Tease The Curls

Yes, you heard right! Backcombing the hair is Sarah’s styling secret to literally make your hair bigger. Usually, this is done at the roots to give the hair lift, but if you backcomb each curled section, the hair expands, giving your hair volume and thickness. 

Hair volume: how to get voluminous hair

You can either use a teasing brush or a paddle brush to tease the hair. Be gentle when teasing the hair though, as you do not want to create a big ball of frizz!

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Step 6: Add Volumizing Spray or Volumizing Powder

This is what your hair needs for that extra oomph. Spray the hair at the roots and through the curled sections, with a volumizing spray or volumizing powder, and work the product in. Be sure that you are not adding too much product as this could way the hair down.

…and that’s it! Say hello to your new, big, beautiful, bold hair!

Curly Hair: Hair To Get Hair Volume

Do you have any special techniques for creating hair volume? Let us know in the comments below. xo


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