I’m so happy to introduce you to the lovely Olga, a twenty something talented knitter, the face behind Oilega! Today she is here to share some of her favorite stitch patterns, perfect for cowls, four to be exact, with you guys. If you aren’t already following Oilega on Instagram, you definitely should as this girl is seriously skilled and offers huge inspiration! Take it away Olga…

Friends of knitting, if you’re in search of cowl patterns, here I am with 4 of my favorite ones! As I don’t want to confuse you with difficult descriptions, I’ll present these patterns for you, all of which can be found on various youtube channels. Hope you enjoy knitting these as much as I did!
What I really love about the yellow pattern is the identical look of both sides. This simple looking stitch is the right thing for everyone of you out there who love a straight and neat appearance (Monk-Fans, I`m talking to you here!).
The magic here is to knit both sides at the same time. Which means you need the double amount of time, but you’ll get double of the coziness as well. And one more good thing on top: you have this clear look without the need of sewing it together.
Oldie but goldie! This is my all-time favorite for fast and simple knitting. The pattern looks quite difficult and special, but it’s a simple combo of knit and purl stitches. An amazing pattern for beginners and still a beautiful stitch for all the pros, because of its beautiful appearance! You’ll get a very nice structure here, which looks the same from both sides as well.
Simply perfect for every kind of wool – and depending on the thread size, you can knit light summer scarfs but also super cozy mufflers.
As part of the brioche family, the honey comb pattern, is perfect for all of you who love chunky knits! The level of difficulty is getting higher here, but if you can handle the basic stitches, you can use this pattern to upgrade your knitting skills easily. You just need to learn two different rows and knit them shifted. The structure turns out very special with little honey combs on front!
If you don’t give up on this pattern you’ll get rewarded!
Do you need a challenge? You get it here with this bubble stitch. From all of these 4 patterns we are on top of the complexity factor. It’s a combination of simple purl/knit and knitting yarn over purlwise while keeping the stitch on your needle. Haven’t promised to much with complexity, hey! 
It’s worth it, because it turns out simply adorable. And if you’re searching for a nice loop pattern – it’s ideal!
Thank you so much for sharing these fun stitch patterns Olga!
Make sure you follow Olga along her adventures on Instagram to see more of her fantastic work!

Enjoy the rest of your day!