I’m so happy to introduce you to the lovely Tatiana, a twenty something talented knitter, the face behind Pandora Lotte! Today she is here to share some of her favorite stitches, perfect for cowls, scarves or blankets,  with you guys. If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, you definitely should as this girl will make you want to pick up those needles! Take it away Tatiana…
I am Pandora-Lotte and among other things I very much appreciate the magical world of Hands! And I mean, that everything handmade is deeply appreciated by me. From a happy warm meal to a huge quilt or a wooden piece of furniture or even a simple and sometimes difficult hug, hands are a body part of great value for me.

Knitting is a hand activity I enjoy deeply. An everyday haven to me. I find peace and inspiration in the knitting community and I am grateful for this! When Tanya asked me to make a guest post about favorite knit stitches, I was veerrrry excited! So today I am going to show you my favorite ones and who knows maybe inspire you to knit your next piece with one of them!


 This is the simplest stitch probably. I call it “beauty in its simplest form”! A lovely, almost discreet stitch. You don’t need to try hard to make something beautiful. You just follow this addictive stitch and there you go! Simple and beautiful, what more can one ask?

Might seem intimidating but believe me they are not! They are so beautiful and they give your garment a unique, rich texture! In blankets, sweaters or beanies, cables are something you should definitely try! The result will blow you away!
Seed Stitch
I use this stitch whenever I want to make something with a light weight yarn. Mostly in summer when the weather calls for light fabrics and yarns that fly between your fingers! A beautiful, elegant stitch for a nice summer shawl or maybe for a summer throw used on a couch during the breezy summer naps in the seaside. So delicate and magical!
The sophisticated stitch! I have this stitch in mind whenever I want to make something for a male friend. But how wrong am I! It’s a great stitch that both women and men can love! It makes a strong and sturdy garment and gives a lovely woven texture like no other! A delight!
Alright friends! These are (some) of my favorite knit stitches! Hope you will like them too, if you don’t already know them and hopefully try them in your next project! Happy knitting!
Thank you so much for sharing these fun stitch patterns Tatiana!
Make sure you follow Tatiana along her adventures on Instagram to see more of her fantastic work!
Enjoy the rest of your day!