Expecting a houseful of visitors this Christmas? Be prepared when family or friends come to stay at any time of year with our guest bed ideas. We’ve got solutions for spaces of all sizes, from roomy lounges to box rooms.

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1. Set up the sitting room with a sofa bed


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If you often have guests to stay but don’t have the luxury of a spare room, a sofa bed is a good option. They work best in a separate sitting room, rather than an open-plan space, as guests will still have their privacy.

There are two main options, the first having a metal-folding frame mechanism with a sprung mattress. These are a robust and comfortable choice – the frame unfolds so that the mattress is the same height as the seating. However, they are firmer to sit on than standard sofas due to the extra padding between the frame and the seat. And they will cost more than a standard sofa.

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If you’re looking for a cheaper option that will leave you with cash to spend on Christmas, go for a click-clack sofabed. This simply folds out flat so that the foam upholstery becomes the sleeping surface. You can pick them up for a couple of hundred pounds, and they’re ideal if you need just an occasional sleeping surface. You could also put one in a home office.

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2. Let the kids camp out with a bed-in-a-bag

If lack of space is the big issue, consider a bed that can be stowed out of sight in a cupboard or the loft when not in use. Folding mattresses are a great sleepover option for children’s rooms. Choose from unfolding foam Z-beds or cubes to roll-up mattresses that pack up into an easy-to-stow storage bag.

3. Invest in hideaway beds for the kids’ rooms


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If your children have friends over regularly or your guest room is on the small side, why not consider a hideaway bed or day bed? Truckle-style hideaway beds have a second bed underneath the main one which rolls out on wheels – a great choice for a child’s room.

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Some hideaway beds have an underbed with folded legs that raise the second mattress to the level of the main bed – a good option for adult guests.

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4. Keep them off the ground with a folding bed


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Folding guest beds range from the basic camp-bed style to the more sophisticated bed-in-a-footstool design.

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5. Put them anywhere with a blow-up bed

Inflatable air beds are the ultimate space-saving solution. Many come with air pumps or self-inflation devices that take a minute or two to blow it up.

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Whichever option you go for, be sure to layer it up with plenty of bedding. Add at least two pillows, a duvet and an extra throw so guests can get as cosy as they like. Make sure there’s a light nearby, too. If you’re choosing a sofa bed, it’s easy enough to place it next to a side table with a lamp for reading.

But even if your guest bed is a pop-up affair, it’s worth setting up a lamp next to it. Grab an adjustable lamp from your desk, or move a floor lamp and place it so guests can turn it on and off from their bed.

Sweet dreams!

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