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This fresh coffee house in Montreal, Canada revolves around the “Pista Café tricycle”, a bike concept that relies solely on legs and pedals to provide freshly ground coffee beans. The tricycle combines human power, technology and the pleasure of a good coffee. Les Ateliers Guyon took on the challenge of designing a gathering place inspired by this innovative “coffee grinder”.

Pista Café aims to make the shift from being a nomad café to being a sedentary one, while still keeping a street stall feel. The chosen location, on the corner of Beaubien and Saint-Vallier, is imbued with both history and character. “We’re looking at a simple and refreshing concept: to create a cozy, luminous and unique spot where the inside recreates the outside,” the designer said.
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The Café is divided into two separate sections. On one side lies a long bench, its colors soft and lively, allowing the location’s natural light to shine. On the other, the service section is hemmed in a container-inspired workspace where customers get served as if they were sitting on a food truck stool, waiting for their order.

Within this workspace, there’s even a place designed especially for the tricycle as there is a little workshop where it can be stored, repaired and admired by the patrons. [Photos and information provided by Les Ateliers Guyon]EGP Technovirtuelmodern cafe (1)modern cafe (3)modern cafe (4)modern cafe (7)

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