Welcome to a minimalist home that features a surprising centerpiece. The “Grid Apartment” in Rome, Italy, was designed by architecture studio Brain Factory with functionality in mind.

An open-plan living space was the main requirement of the owners, who wanted their 80 square-meter (860 square-foot) home to feel spacious and bright. At the same time there was a desire to separate the kitchen from the living room, while still being connected to it.
The solution was found in the shape of a glazing unit with galvanized iron framing, which surrounds the kitchen without visually isolating it from the rest of the apartment.

White walls and pendant lighting combine with the warm tones of the oak parquet flooring, resulting in a clean, minimalist ambiance. This black grid gives the place a subtle industrial touch and becomes the focal point of the entire home. Together with the tall, black bookcase, it visually disrupts the chromatic harmony of the place and creates that nice element of surprise.

The grid theme is also visible in the bedroom, where dense parallel wooden profiles function as shelves for storage. Photography by Marco Marotto.

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