Grey Wramers and Kerchief

Hello world! Happy Monday!
The time has stopped in my corner of the world and we are still in a lounge mode and we’ll be for a couple of more days. Still off the hook and just soaking up family time, drawing, sketching and designing every now and then, but I do have to show you something new –  another of the non-planned sets I’ve made recently.
This time the set is in grey and both the kerchief  and the warmers are the same in pattern as the burgundy one, the only difference being the size of yarn.
Size of yarn is making quite a difference this year. Everywhere I look there are chunky sweaters bubbling with patterns and bobbles (which I got addicted to, too easily) and I get the impression that designers are competing who’s going to make a chunkier one… or am I mistaken? Makes you want to stop at the yarn shop and buy a load. Sadly, my stash lacks such but I do feel tempted yarn buddies. I think I might succumb to it.
What’s your preference when it comes to yarn size?