Grey carpets are reliable friends. Sophisticated, playful or relaxed, they adapt to various personalities and interiors, offering a feel of strength and stability. To be honest, the colour is amongst my favourites for its enormous versatility. It functions as a solid background that allows chameleonic ideas grow. For example, large oil on canvas paintings mixed with Art Deco pieces of furniture accommodate easily in a granite-like interior. The atmosphere of a contemporary photographic studio or of a luxurious 5-star hotel can be reproduced at home with dusty or pearly grey. Explore our selection and discover the benefits of a colour that does not deserve to be neglected.

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Grey carpets: models and styles

You can choose from a wide variety of models: light, dark, textured, rugged, smooth, durable, deep or luxurious. The bedroom above features a king-size bed and minimalist storing items nearby. The wooden flooring and the panelling behind the bed mark the sleeping area, while photographies and books personalise the space. The lighting is quite discrete: two bedside ‘bulbs’ and several spots hidden in the false ceiling.

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Shaggy grey carpets and contemporary design

Ten years ago, you could not imagine a contemporary living room without a shaggy fluffy carpet in the living room. Indeed, they are still trendy and catchy; you will see lots of them showing off in catalogues and fairs. The benefits? They create a cozy ambience! Light some candles, sink your toes in the shaggy carpet and invite your partner to relax.

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Sumptuous living

Are you a fan of the classic interiors? Then, the picture above impressed you very much. Relying on symmetry: the bed occupies the centre of the room, being flanked by two tables and two lamps. The black wall behind adds contrast to the room, while the pictures with white frames are ‘enlightened’ spots.

What about some glam?

The combination of charm and good looks reveals a fancy lifestyle. How to get this at home? Firstly, try to introduce as much shining elements as possible. Silvery wallpapers, pendants with crystal accessories, closets with mirror doors or textiles with golden threads work amazingly. Secondly, glam is not only about glitter. Space has to be generous too. This is a trademark of luxury. Thus, be sure all these ingredients mix in a large room.

Light grey and rustic influences

This bedroom is simply wow! I believe the headboard of the bed is simply fantastic in this chic contemporary room. Made of unfinished wood – it looks like somebody took several boards from an old fence -, the headboard transformed the look of the room completely. Moreover, a bunch of simple decorative elements enhance its charm. Candles, shells, coppery vases, a box with pencils and brushes beautify the space. I also love the ingenious table near the bed: a simple board held by two piles of magazines.

Inspiring messages, poems, famous quotes and many more can animate your bedroom.

Hunt-themed inspired bedroom

I’ve noticed that many interior designers have at least one hunt-themed inspired room in their portfolio. For those who want the passion of a wild hunting at home, here are some suggestions. The trophy, be it real or artificial, should be placed in a dominating position. Above the bed or the sofa, at a high altitude. An animal carpet or rug will also complete the theme successfully. As for the general painting, light grey is a reliable option. Forget about red panelled interiors; they are perfect for hunt-themed mountain chalets, not for contemporary bedrooms.

Pure white interior featuring a comfy sofa and a fluffy grey carpet

A hotel room featuring two single beds in Dubai