Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece

Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece

Come join us for a Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece as we eat our way around Athens Flea Market. With a plethora of options to sample street food in Athens we’d highly recommend visiting this particular areas which is close to Monastiraki station. We found Athens street food to be delicious and all of the vendors we encountered were friendly. All in all this is a complete list of the Greek Street Food we sampled:

1) Gyro pita – €2.00
2) Souvlaki pita- €2.00
3) Greek Yogurt with walnuts, honey and dates – €4.20
4) Sweet and salty roasted peanuts -€1.50 & €1.00
5) Baklava – €4 or 5 (forget price)
6) Greek coffee with lokum – €2 to 3 (forget price)
7) Koulouri – €0.50

Location where you can try Street Food in Athens, Greece:

Monastiraki Flea Market
Flea market in Athens, Greece
Address: Ifestou 2, Athina 105 55, Greece
Hours: Monday to Sunday 8am to 6pm
Phone: +30 694 608 6114

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Greek Street Food Tour in Athens, Greece Travel Video Transcript:

Today’s plan is to sample all the Greek Street Food. We have come to Athens Flea Market and I know this seems like a bit of a strange place to be having street food but they have a lot of little stands and shops where you can get souvlaki, gyros, baklava. We’re just planning to walk down the main road of the flea market and just peruse have a look around and see what we can sniff out and have a fantastic meal on the street. And if you’re interested in recreating this little food tour that we’re about to embark on the closest metro station is Monastiraki so there you go. Let’s go eat.

Now it is time for food. We ordered the Gyro and Souvlaki. Both of them in pitas. The meat is so juicy. Is it? Juicy and tender and it is like soaking the bread with its meaty juiciness. And then all of the freshness of the vegetables right? And the price was also wonderful. They were 2 Euros each.

We have moved on to a little something sweet now. It didn’t take us long let me tell you. Well we got Greek Yogurt. And this is not just any Greek yogurt. This is this comes with some amazing toppings. Yes. It has got a super saturated amount of honey. It has walnuts and we also ordered dates as well.

We found a man who was selling nuts. Yes. And he was very friendly and animated. He was so friendly and passionate and also very generous allowing us to sample them.He let us try the nuts before we bought them. What a nice guy. We ended up getting a sweet one and a salty one. And then because we bought two packs he gave me a whole bunch extra in my hand. He was just like open your palm and he put a whole bunch of nuts.

Exciting moment over here. Trying my first Greek coffee. I somehow didn’t manage to try Greek coffee the first time I was in Greece. I don’t think I was drinking a lot of coffee a few years ago. No.

That is the only thing I can think of. We’ve found a cute little cafe here in the heart of the flea market so we thought let’s sit down for a quick drink.

That is potent. Yeah, strong coffee? Potent, rich, strong.

Baklava. Better believe it. We’ve been having a lot of this here in Athens. Look at all of that syrup just oozing out. That honey.

Last but not least. We found some bread. It is reminiscent of a pretzel I would say. Apparently this is called Koulouri.

The lady said this was the most traditional of the ones that she was serving. It is a ring shaped piece of bread covered in toasted sesame seeds.

That concludes our Greek Street Food Tour here in Athens, Greece. We ate so many delicious street food items. And we’d love to know what are some other Greek street food items that you can try. We obviously didn’t try them all just a very small component of them. Everything was really good and that was just a lot of fun. Ciao from Athens, Greece.

This is part of our Travel in Greece video series showcasing Greek food, Greek culture and Greek cuisine.

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