It’s that time of the year when you should start planning your next vacation (if you didn’t already). With so many destinations and offers to choose from, it can all become overwhelming pretty quickly. Where do you even start from and which criteria do you base your decisions on? TripAdvisor usually comes to mind as a reliable source of information and reviews.

We were curious to find which are the top 10 hotels recommended for 2017 and we weren’t disappointed by the selection. We’ll have a quick look at each of them, pointing out the most important and interesting characteristics in each case. Some have such beautiful architecture and so gorgeous interior designs that we feel really inspired and we’re seriously considering stealing some of these ideas. Maybe you could do the same. Take inspiration from the world’s greatest hotels and transfer their charm into your own home.

10. JA Manafaru – Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives

This five-star resort is number 10 on the list. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, it welcomes its guests in an idyllic setting, offering them a variety of accommodation types including water, beach or ocean villas, beach suites and water pavilions. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling or you can play tennis or relax in the infinity edge pool or at the beach. On average, the rooms can be booked for around $811 per night, the most affordable month to visit the resort being June when the prices drop to $677 per night.

9. Tulemar Bungalows & Villas – Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

If you’d like to choose Costa Rica as your next vacation destination, have a look at the range of bungalows and villas that Tulemar puts at your disposal. They’re all really cozy and inviting, with gorgeous views of the ocean and the surroundings. The villas range in size, offering various numbers of units and amenities. Find the one that best suits your needs and preferences and get ready for a unique and memorable experience. The villas and bungalows here can be booked for an average rate of $323 per night and they are most affordable in October, with the lowest weekly rate during 12-18 of December.

8. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa – Hanoi, Vietnam

8th on the list is Hanoi La Siesta, a beautiful and luxurious hotel located in Vietnam. Here the guests are greeted by a warm welcome and the promise of a very relaxing and peaceful experience. The hotel stands close to the city’s major attractions including the Hoan Kiem lake. Its 50 bedrooms include suites and duplex rooms, all with comfortable and inviting interiors. In addition to these, the hotel also has a spa, a gym and a movie theater which the guests can enjoy during their stay. The average rate for which you can book rooms here is $102 per night, the most affordable month to visit the hotel being June.

7. Shinta Mani Resort – Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Situated in a region that’s not usually on the list of popular destinations for anyone planning a trip in France, this lovely resort impresses with its tropical gardens and vibrant and fresh ambiance. The property is located between the Royal Gardens and the Old Market Area and a room here can be booked for an average rate of $151 per night, June being the best time to visit it from a financial point of view. If you can resist the temptation of the big and popular cities such as Paris or Lyon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this quiet and inviting resort. Book your room early to receive a complimentary credit which you can use at the hotel’s facilities.

6. Portrait Firenze – Florence, Italy

Italy is a wonderful tourist destination, with lots of great attractions and lots of places to visit. Florence is a beautiful city, the capital of the Tuscany region and its historic center (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982) attracts people from all over the world. Portrait Firenze made the list, being the 6th most popular hotel this year according to TripAdvisor. The thing that makes it special is the incredibly warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. It’s an intimate place in a busy and iconic city, an oasis in a city jungle. You can book a room here for around $676, the lowest rates being during the month of February.

5. BoHo Prague Hotel – Prague, Czech Republic

Just minutes from Prague’s historic center you can find the BoHo hotel, a sumptuous and glamorous place designed in a minimalistic style that makes it stand out from the neighboring properties usually defined by lots of ornate features. Its style is refreshing, especially since the hotel also features a contemporary interior decorated with elegant neutrals, comfortable and inviting spaces and furnishings and full-height windows that connect the guests to the surroundings, immersing them into the city. Guests can visit the hotel’s restaurant and bar for a taste of international cuisine and signature cocktails. You can book a room here at an average rate of $209 per night and, if you’re not in a hurry, you can wait until February when it’s all more affordable.

4. Hotel The Serras – Barcelona, Spain

This is a hotel that pays homage to the city’s history and landmarks. Its Picasso Suite is a reminder of the famous painter’s first studio which guests can actually visit during their stay in Barcelona. The hotel’s rooftop terrace and oversized rooms echo the classical architectural style of the region and the interior is decorated in tones of grey, silver, beige and mustard with hints of green that echo the sea. The overall image is that of a vibrant destination with a calm and sophisticated allure and ambiance, the type of place you might enjoy visiting on your honeymoon or together with your special someone. The booking rates here range from $247 per night in January to an average of $420 the rest of the year.

3. Turin Palace Hotel – Turin, Italy

We’re now in the top three destinations for 2017 and we’re going back to Italy where you can find the Palace Hotel in Turin. It’s been completely renovated and now it’s ready to welcome its guests into a modern and luxurious setting defined by fresh and elegant colors, carefully-chosen furnishings and wonderfully-balanced textures and finishes. The building dates back to 1850 so the hotel has a rich history reflected in its charm, hospitality and architecture. On average, you can book a room here for $180 per night and you might be able to find even lower rates in August.

2. Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve – Ubud, Indonesia

Number two on the list is the Mandapa reserve which you can find in Ubud, a famous destination for those that seek to find peace of mind and to rest their tired bodies to recharge their batteries to get through the rest of the year. The reserve contains 60 villas and suites, all with views of the river and the valley. Guests can take yoga classes, visit the spa & wellness center or relax in the sunken pool and admire a view over the rice paddies. This Ritz-Carlton reserve is located 90 minutes from the Bali International Airport and the average booking rate here is $502. May is the most affordable month so hurry and make a reservation.

1. Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection – Budapest, Hungary

The no. 1 hotel recommended by TripAdvisor this year is the Aria in Budapest which offers an average rate of $288 per night. It’s the first boutique hotel in Hungary and it impresses its guests with a mesmerizing combination of luxury, sophistication and unpretentious amenities designed to make them feel welcome and to provide a unique and memorable experience. The hotel pays homage to some of the world’s greatest artists and composers, being inspired by the city’s passion for music and architecture. This carefully-thought out combination of features raised the hotel to the very top of the list.

Now that you know a little bit about each of these great hotels, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you. Visit TripAdvisor for even more options and let the reviews guide you as you create your own personalized traveler’s guide. Planning a vacation has never been easier.

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