Gravitational Indifference is a concrete house located in Cuenca, Ecuador, designed recently designed by Ruptura Morlaca Arquitectura.


The desire of users to inhabit on a serene, vast and tree-filled landscape, where nature is able to show its greatness, has led them to identify a place in the Ricaurte sector in Cuenca-Ecuador, an almost intact site that In the mornings, a characteristic mist of the mountains of the area is shed, which floats over the sloping territory, guiding the gaze towards the treetops, mountains and clouds.

Working with the natural slope of the site allows us to observe the architecture as a landscape and the buildings as its mountains, we generate an artificial territory one landscape within another to obtain a new geography that rises to move between the treetops, building geography more what architecture.

This artificial geography allows the social areas to get closer to the trees enjoying the view, the wind and the morning shadows, likewise, they themselves are supported by the private areas, which avoid the direct solar radiation in the afternoon and they conserve the heat for the cold of the night, all these spaces in platforms and gardens are unified in a promenade that follows the silhouette of the topography circulating in a place of shadows, exposing you to the height of the trees and disconnecting you from a domestic scale; finish your journey on a plain that brings you closer to touching the treetops, moving away from the everyday, allowing you to contemplate the natural cycle and find yourself, translating into stones and plants.

In the way of appropriating the territory by “not touching the ground” and not affecting the scale of the place, it is wanted that the element appears minimal before the height of the trees, eliminating all verticality so as not to cover the horizon, in the same way, Closing private spaces to avoid the incidence of the sun allows the user to obtain the particularity of observing and not being seen, of granting privacy to hide whoever lives, allowing a profoundly free life outside of all morals and social vigilance.

What should be the first impression of the subject with the matter?

When we arrive at the site invaded by a mist that for centuries has floated in the imaginary of dreams, where the only private space is the mind, we expose the thought when we find a single weightless piece like a cloud over that serene landscape, where, however, the stone is remarkably heavy and typically anchored to the ground, loaded with timelessness since it was always in that place, cut out by a colorful threshold like the skirts of the Cuenca cholas that incites you to think that it would elevate you to the world of the dreams in levitated matter still possessing mass, but no longer of gravity.

Coming to create an impression no longer of lightness but of levitated matter, of gravitational indifference.

Photography by Jag Studio

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