Premium quality European hand-tailored wedding gowns.

Want a European quality wedding dress, but don’t want to travel all over the world for it? offers you a wide range of unique wedding gowns that will meet the needs of every bride.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses

European premium wedding dress craftsmanship.

The use of modern technology while remaining true to tradition is the essence of our dresses. All our dresses are made and designed exclusively in Europe, all our gowns are made to meet the highest expectations of European standards.

We make sure to pay attention to every detail in the dress-making process to create for you the one-of- a-kind dress. All our gowns undergo multiple quality checks to ensure that your dress is everything you ever hoped for and more. We use only the finest materials in the manufacturing; our professional team of manufacturers with decades of experience in the field are there to make your dress absolutely astonishing.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses

A unique dress made just for you and precisely to your requirements.

Every bride desires to be most beautiful on her wedding day, which is why our website is the first ever web platform in Europe to provide you with the custom-size wedding gowns that help ensure that. Our goal with custom sized dresses is to ensure that the wedding dress is a perfect fit. Forget the cookie cutter and the regular size with the hefty price tag and join us in purchasing a wedding dress that is made from scratch to fit you like no other dress before. Our most experienced European designers will provide you with the most precisely sized gown for your memorable day.

All our gowns are not just customizable in terms of size, but also possible modification in terms of color, train, sleeve, etc. Selected by you and made from scratch by our manufacturers, most of our dresses come with the customizable features which can be adjusted when selecting your unique dress, whether you desire your dress to have a ‘’Sweep’’ train or a ‘’Chapel’’ one. Thanks to our wide choice and variety of the customizable features, your beautiful feminine figure will be accentuated instead of hidden. is a game-changer in the industry to say the least, and that is why it offers you a large selection of exquisite designs and a team of experienced tailors ready to make your own one-of- a-kind gown.


Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses


Wide selection of over 1,500 new wedding gowns from fashion manufacturers across Europe.

Our skilled designers offer you a wide selection of the newest and most gorgeous designs, with us you will find global bridal’s finest dresses. Our magnificent selection of the best of what the bridal industry has to offer is not only regularly updated, but also has helpful filters for you to narrow down your search for your perfect wedding gown.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses

We can ensure that when you walk down that aisle in our dress, you walk with unforgettable divinity. Which is why our experienced team of designers works their hardest to bring you the hottest designs straight off the global bridal runway month before any wedding boutique.

Our collections are marvelous and unique, stylish, and most importantly tweaked and sewn specifically for you.

Luxurious European gowns for affordable prices.

Our wedding dresses are sold all around the world in the bridal boutiques, but thanks to our direct collaboration with top European dressmaking factories we offer you our premium selection without having to chase a premade gown in the city boutiques with hefty price tag.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses

Quality without compromises.

Our greatest aspiration is a satisfied customer, which is why we work hard to ensure that your wedding dress is every bit as fabulous and unique as you imagined it. We are so sure of our quality we ship all our dresses with a 24-month warranty.

To make sure that your dress reaches you on time and in perfect condition we work solely with DHL Express, a company guaranteeing reliability and on-time delivery of our products anywhere in the world. We use premium packaging so your dress is snug and safe throughout its journey to you. Furthermore, our designer made boxes are great for rehearsal and un-boxing photos.

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Devotion Wedding Dresses

Tailored to fit you on your first try, and flawless in every way, a gown is the best way to make your walk down the aisle a walk of ultimate perfection.

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