Completed i the year of 2010 by ÁBATON, the following home in Extramadura is positioned in the province of Cáceres and represents the conversion of a stable into a family home. The process of integrating the structure with the natural surrounding environment has been considered crucial by the architects. After taking into account all the options available for rebuilding the shaky stable, the choice of building the home from 0 was taken. The natural elements were taken into consideration and water was included to complete the landscape.

Natural stone facades merged with wooden window shutters form a rather traditional image for the home which manages to shine yet to blend in with the landscape perfectly.

The interior spaces have been kept light and airy, with a certain farmhouse touch.

Natural light was used to the maximum and glazed walls invite it i to flow effortlessly.

A basic neutral color scheme accentuated by the usage of wooden furniture items define the interior design.

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