Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for a garden or tea themed party. Combine various thrifted items to create a beautifully unique piece of party decor. This stand would make an elegant centerpiece for any table, and it’s very easy to make!

Supplies Used to make this party centerpiece:

  • Plates (3) in different sizes
  • Candle Holders (2)
  • Tea Cup
  • Cupcake Liners
  • Flowers (artificial or real)
  • E-6000 Glue

Note:  Choose plates that range in size with the largest being on the bottom and the smallest on top.

Step one:  Add a generous amount of E-6000 glue to the bottom of the candle holder. Center it on the largest plate and glue it in place. Use a ruler to help ensure that the candle holder is in the center of the plate. Let the adhesive set for a few minutes.

Step two: Put glue on the top of the candle holder, and center the middle sized plate on top off it.

Step three: Add glue to the base of the second candle holder, and center it on the middle plate. Let the glue set for a few minutes before proceeding.

Step four: Put glue on the top of the candleholder, and place the smallest plate on top of the candleholder.

Step five:  Glue the tea cup on the top of the tower.

Step six:  Line the middle space with cupcake liners.  Fill them with a flower in each liner, and add greenery around the “cupcakes”.

Step seven:  Fill the plates and the tea cup on top with flowers. I used artificial flowers for my arrangement, but this would be lovely with freshly cut flowers, too.

This pretty floral centerpiece would be perfect for a garden party, bridal shower, or baby shower.  It would also look great at an “Alice in Wonderland” or “Beauty and the Beast” themed party. Have fun crafting and creating decor for your party!

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