Em At GoopEm At Goop

Hey all,

If you are coming for the “All my thoughts and feelings about Goop after going to the wellness summit” post, I’ve temporarily taken it down to rework it. Due to its polarizing subject matter, I want to be extra careful and honestly, it deserved more thought on my part with a clearer thesis and more self-reflection. There were already over 100 comments, so please come back and join the heated conversation. Meanwhile, I’m going to take a deep breath and go to my kid’s pre-school graduation. BRING ON THE KLEENEX. It’s going to be a day, folks. A real day.

Come back later (hopefully by 2 pm) if you feel like it…hopefully, I’ll have the guts to republish it…there is something about me, a privileged white woman, either defending OR criticizing a brand that speaks to privileged white women that might just be a lose lose. We’ll see …



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