Every neighborhood has one. The house that goes totally bonkers with Christmas lights. They’re the ones that blow up those giant yard snow globes and make you put up your blackout curtains for Christmas. But you don’t have to go gaudy to decorate your yard for the holidays. There are options to extend your Christmas decor past the front porch steps that are classy and beautiful. Some of them have lights, some of them don’t. Either way, you won’t make your neighbors hate you. Here are 10 ways to go beyond lights with these 10 Christmas yard decorations.

If you’re making gingerbread men inside, why not put some gingerbread men outside too? It doesn’t take much beyond the plywood to construct them. Then paint them to reflect your real life family. Your kids will love helping you put together a gingerbread version of themselves.

When you don’t have much of a front yard to speak of, it’s easy to think that you have to forgo yard decor. Except you don’t need much space for this little project. A simple pallet tree, made from a scrap pallet and hung with ornaments and even some lights, will do more for your non-existent yard than leaving it bare.

When presents are on everyone’s minds, why not add some magical glowing gifts to your yard this year? All you need are some plastic boxes, ribbon and lights to give your front lawn a soft glow for the holidays.

Get your woodworking skills out or task your significant other with this project. The tree laden red truck is a classic Christmas theme so how adorable to make one for your front yard. Don’t forget to light the tree so you can see your creation at night too.

When woodworking skills aren’t in your repertoire of talents, it’s time to look to the shops for solutions. These giant Christmas balls are perfect additions for your front yard. Place them right out in the open where no one can miss them or nestle them into a flower bed for more of a Christmas surprise.

Looking for yard decor that you can use all winter long? Go for the grapevine yard ornaments. Woven balls can be filled with lights if you want that sparkle and a set of deer friends will keep your hibernating plants company from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.

There is a fine line between good and bad lighted yard decorations. But you can be sure that balls of Christmas lights are good. As long as you’re keeping one color to each ball, you’ll create a a winter wonderland that’s worthy of Santa’s workshop.

When the weather is cold and inclement, it takes some creativity to keep kids occupied. If they’re old enough to use a hammer, draw them lines to follow or words on a plywood tree and let them go for it. They’ll come out with a lovely yard decoration that’s simple and light-less.

Some people find it kinda a bummer that they don’t get the white flakes for Christmas. So make your own snow instead! Stick these giant snowflakes up and down the walks and throughout the landscaping beds to create your own flurries for the holidays.

Let’s not forget that reindeer aren’t the only holiday appropriate animals. These sweet polar bears will light up your yard for Christmas and you can just take off the hats and scarves for the rest of the winter. They’ll be an especially lovely sight for the yards covered in snow until April.

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