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This three-level home located in Paris, France, was recently renovated by Andrea Mosca Creative Studio. Named “Bookshelf House“, the project is defined by extensive woodwork. The inhabitants can interact with a variety of shelving units, which act as stair railing, office space dividers and storage boxes.

“The aim of this project was to transform this dark, run-down home into a bright and warm space, add an office zone on the mezzanine and create a separate but visible kitchen,” the architects explained. The innovative bookcase acts as the focal point of the design. Made from a single element, it goes from the first level up to the mezzanine, where it becomes a storage unit that hides the bedroom entry and the office.
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The bookshelf design theme becomes clear as you step inside, thanks to a sustaining pillar entirely covered in mirrors. Part of a strategy to bring as much light inside as possible, this pillar casts playful shades on the white walls and furniture. Moreover, a glass panel separates the kitchen from the dining room, creating a subtle distinction between the two social areas. Bold hues of yellow and navy blue add energy to the overall design scheme. [Photography courtesy of Andrea Mosca]contemporary house (3)contemporary house (4)contemporary house (5)contemporary house (6)contemporary house (7)contemporary house (8)contemporary house (9)contemporary house (10)

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