PAUZARQ arquitectos refurbished an old apartment located in the famous Plaza del Museo, in Bilbao, Spain. The result is an unconventional home with industrial design influences that meets the contemporary living needs of the owners.

“This apartment in Bilbao possessed two singular features that conditioned the planned approach right from the beginning,” the architects explained. “On one hand, a powerful reinforced concrete structure with edged girders; on the other hand, a polygon-shaped facade, furnished with sash windows that advanced over the front line.”

These particular features were creatively emphasized and enhanced. The concrete beams and girders were skillfully uncovered, for a raw, industrial touch. The long and dark corridor was removed and integrated in the living room, taking full advantage of the generously sized windows.

Even though the kitchen, living room and dining area are organized in an open space, they are visually separated by glass and wood partitions. Moreover, two sliding doors offer the possibility to completely enclose each functional area from the rest of the apartment. According to the designers, light is focused downward illuminating the thermo-clay walls and upward on the wooden blocks. Photography by Xabier Aldazabal.

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