Glamorous Wedding Shoot Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’

This styled wedding shoot, put together by Ma Cherie Bleue, was organized as a symbol of equality. With the reckoning of equality taking place worldwide, the talented team of vendors wanted to come together to prove that love is about just that–love. Regardless of race, religion, or sexuality, love always prevails.
Why did the team decide to have this photoshoot? Because love has no color, ethnicity, or religious belief. Love is the deepest and most passionate sentiment. Humans create boundaries, while love breaks them. They embraced the “The Love in the City” project to support the Black lives matter movement. They have always felt that the wedding industry needed to be inclusive and demonstrate diversity. What better way to showcase this commitment than aligning a team of artists and professionals from the Black community and allowing them to show the beauty and talent?
The gorgeous couple was captured making their way through beautiful Old Montreal. The stylists chose a real-life couple as models, and their love was tangible through the photographer’s lens. The gorgeous William Grey Hotel provided the backdrop. With fall at the doorsteps, the team emphasized the scene by setting up a chic table with modern touches. They used…

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