Glam Tropical Pink And Gold Wedding Shoot

Tropical weddings are actual all the year round and in case you are getting ready or dreaming of one, we have a great example of a real tropical wedding for you.

The planning + design team at The Experialist and En Route Photography created this pink and gold wedding inspiration with a tropical twist.

Gabby of En Route Photography wanted to capture the vibrant, energetic and urban vibe of Barcelona, and Betsaida of The Experialist opted to inject the city’s history and traditions in a modern way.

Combining all this was complicated, but the light of the city and the professionalism of all vendors collaborating made it much easier. From the beginning, the color palette marked the way to balance romanticism and sophistication: blush, peach and gold were perfect for the green and grey environment we were working with. The other half of the formula was the mixture of urban textures like marble or cement with soft, light and organic elements like linen, cotton, flowers, leaves or crystal.

The sparkling Rosa Clará gown with beading on the back and shoulders and with a bateau neckline looked very modern and edgy yet romantic. Pink peep toe wedding shoes with rhinestones polished the bridal look. The midnight blue tux added an air of elegance to the whole space. So stunning, don’t you think?

The wedding cake was a textural multi-tiered one, with geometric décor and fresh blooms on it. even the desserts served were pink, grey and blush to stick to the wedding colors.

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