Watch to the end to figure out the story!
We are all born with a colorful personality, full of fun energy and with a lively spirit. As we get older, we tend to lose our colors. We get lost in the gray humdrum of everyday life, of responsibility, of reality and the repetition of the mundane. Sometimes, it takes a random moment or a chance opportunity to reawaken the dormant life from within.

Each lipstick color represents a personality that gets reawakened when applied. At the end of the day, you accept yourself but you also embrace the many colors that you are. What color are you? Comment below!

-=Ann’s Notes=-
Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, Dior reached out to us and asked us to join them on a project that would be shot at the YouTube Space in LA. With nothing other than them telling me that I had a crew, a set to shoot in and a ton of Dior makeup to play with, I had a blank slate to create a video that has been floating around in my head. Off to work I went, quickly sketching out my storyline. Eric and I scrambled to find outfits and went shopping(only the makeup is from Dior, all the outfits are from my and a friends collection) I went up to the YouTube Space LA and worked on this video over the course of two days. With over 20 hr’s of in studio time and over 20hrs of at home editing and, countless talented people involved and lots of back and forth with travel, I’m very happy to share this with you guys! Here is My Glam Transformation! I’m going to show you my 5 looks with Dior Makeup!

Ann Le / Anneorshine

Lipsticks featured:

Look 1: Dior Addict Diabolo 684
Look 2: Dior Addict Turn Me Dior 877
Look 3/4: ROUGE DIOR Red Smile 080 mixed with Dior Addict Sulfurous 867
Look 5: Dior Addict Black Coffee 904

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FTC This is a collaborative project with Dior Makeup and YouTube Space, LA. All of the outfits shown are my own and not from Dior.

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