May28th Copper Watch  //  Wallflower Weavings Wall Art  //  Camila Prada Margot Figure  //  Dakota Rae Dust Embellished Jumper  //  Ali Sigr Moon Necklace  //  Le Chant du Robot Handbag  //  Geo Fleur Plant Subscription  //  Rock Cakes Pile of Books Necklace  //  Hania jewellery Smile Gold Necklace  //  Jureambox Knitted hat

Ladies, Girlfriends and Wives! Today’s list is just for you. This is the post you need to forward to your significant other, to drop a, not so subtle hint that this is what you want for Christmas! Those things that you love, but just wouldn’t splash out on for yourself. You are welcome!

Sammy and H