Create! Craft Kits Lightning Bolt Banner Kit  //  Mica Peet Triangle Earrings  //  Sew Crafty Craft Journal  //  Veronica Dearly Just Get on With It Mug  //  Finest Imaginary Cheese Plant Leaf Coasters  //  Bear Claw Co Copper Marble Wall Jar Vase  //  Hi Cacti Concrete Planter  //  Fox and Lilly Speckled Necklace  //  Oh Squirrel You are Bloody Brilliant Print  //  Suede and Co Glitter Stripe Purse

Sorry not sorry for getting our gifts lists in order! We have put together 5 amazing gift lists for your nearest and dearest this Christmas and we are kicking off with ‘Gifts for your Best Friend’ the person that has listened to you all year long and been there for the best and worst of times. Treat them to some yummy handmade goodies this year. Our gift guides this year are 100% handmade from UK companies and independent businesses, so go on, get your shop on, as if you needed any excuse! 
Sammy and H