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The last gifts I usually buy for are always family members like my sisters, my parents and in laws. 

I live far away from my family . I may have 9 sisters but we are not always close or live close to each other. Gifting my sisters can be easy but keeping on the budget for all sisters, nieces and parents can be expensive. I love to gift and I always send gifts during the holiday season. Even if it’s a small gift, I love sending at least something small to show my appreciation and love from our little family. 

Last Christmas my parents and one of my sisters traveled to spend Christmas with us and we had the best time! My mother and I made Tamales, we opened gits, made cookies, invited more family members and we had lots of memeorable moments together. It’s not going to be th same this year but FaceTime with family members certainly makes our holiday better! 

This year, I’m joining the JCPenny Challange  and find gifts for various members of my family for a budget of $50! I shopped at JCPenny this weekend and loved all the gift sets and toys available. My kids loved picking out the gifts for their cousins. We were able to get gifts for two of my sisters, and three cousins for $50! 

Featured we have Playdoh set, Iphone pom pom recharge battery key chain, monogrammed candle, and Disney pajamas and Playskool Figures. 

How many gifts can you budget for your family members with a $50 Gift Card To JCPenny? Take the challange and use coupons to maximize your budget. 

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