I’ve always had a bit of a thing for prize ribbons, so in the past I’ve made several different crafts with them in mind. Until now though, I haven’t ever made any this big before! These ones are really simple to make but they make a big impact – and as an added bonus, they’ll force you to use up some of your ever-growing wrapping paper stash!






Supplies: Wrapping paper, card stock, scissors, glue stick, string, pencil, ruler, hot glue gun.

Step 1: Accordion fold your wrapping paper. I left mine attached to the roll while I folded so that I could keep going until ready to test that I’d made enough folds. To do this, pinch the stacked folds in the center of the length and gently pull the folds open to test if they can reach each other and form a full circle.
Step 2: Once happy with your folds, cut off from the rest of the roll and trim the ends into a curve, angle, or leave straight.
Step 3: Tie the string in a double knot around the center of the accordion fold.
Step 4: Gently unfold and glue together the edges to form a full circle, leaving the string dangling on the backside.
Step 5: Cut two pieces of wrapping paper to act as the ribbon tails.
Step 6: Cut a circle out of card stock to be the center of the prize ribbon. You can write a personalized message on this piece if you like!
Step 7: Hot glue the card stock circle onto the center of the folded circle.
Step 8: Hot glue the two tails onto the back of the prize ribbon. To hang, use washi tape to stick the string onto the wall. Repeat!

Giant Prize Ribbons | Oh Happy Day!


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