Does the farewell to Summer have you down?

Trying to find a way to beat the Winter blues?  Well I have just the idea.  If you thought your outdoor patio was only for sunny summertime soirees, think again.  A patio, when done right, can bring backyard bliss all year round.

Being outdoors year round is not only fun, it is beneficial to your health!

Intrigued?  Read ahead to learn 8 tips on how to stylishly prep your patio for winter wonderland fun.

Turn up the heat

Just because the sun is going down early, and maybe not even coming out at all, doesn’t mean you have to chill in the cold.  In fact, finding ways to pump up the heat on the patio is the first step to your year long chill zone. Have you thought about electric outdoor heaters? If not, you should.  A stylish, sleek, energy efficient electric outdoor heater is the key to keeping a super cool party super hot.

Take the chill off

Most patios have concrete floors.

Brrrrrrr!!!! Even with shoes on, the cold can radiate up through the concrete and make the warmest of bodies feel a bit cold. To take the chill off the concrete floor, cover it with interlocking wood tiles to create a soft, wood floor or find a large outdoor, all-weather, rug.  Your feet, and your guests, will thank you.

Outsmart the wind

Winter can come with some pretty chilly gusts of wind, especially at night.

Don’t let this deter you from planning the perfect mid-Winter outdoor bash.  Putting up some faux winter walls will do the trick.  Thick all-weather cloth can be fastened at the top and bottom to form a wall, or wooden dividers can be lined up as well.  These stylish Winter walls will not only block out the wind, but the neighbours as well!

Protect your buns

I am not talking about your hamburger buns here my friend.

I am talking about your rear end.  We have all gone to an outdoor party and sat on a wooden or concrete bench and felt that zine of cold shoot right through our pockets.  Avoid this by lining all seating surfaces with cushions, and toss in some throw pillows for extra comfort while you are at it. Make sure they are made of outdoor canvas to endure the elements.

Fire up the fire

Consistent, quality heat from an outdoor electric heater is a must-have.

Another great thing to add to the patio is a fire pit.  This will turn up the heat in a whole different way, while adding some great ambience AND potentially lowering your blood pressure.  Everyone loves passing hours staring at the fire, while sipping a nice glass of wine.  If you are feeling extra creative, grab some marshmallows and sticks and bring back this childhood favourite to any patio party!

Light it up

Lighting can really make or break a space.

Adding the right ambient lighting to your patio will take a regular outdoor space and turn it into a luxury chill zone.  A couple examples to light it up are hanging globe lights, fairy lights, and strategically placed candles.

Don’t settle for that single bright bulb most patios come with.

Ideally you don’t even turn that thing on, rather rely on enough alternative cozy lighting, to set the stage. Some studies even say that good ambient lighting can increase productivity!

Outdoor fridge

Picture this.  You are sitting on a cushioned bench, tucked under a warm blanket, warmed from above by a heater and in front of you by a fire.  You are the ultimate cozy.  But, your drink is empty.  Imagine if you could gently lean over, open a small fridge, and refresh your bevvy just like that.  Sounds pretty great, eh? Well turn that dream into a reality with a small outdoor fridge stocked with the essentials in winter beverage choices.

Don’t forget the food

Eating outside is the best, and Winter outside eats are no exception.

That hot sausage straight off the grill, or pizza fresh from the wood stoked oven, taste even better in the crisp air.  Style your Winter patio with an outdoor cooking area to make sure you can cook, serve, and eat hot fresh food all year round. Don’t be shy in hosting the best BBQ of the year in the dead of Winter!

Don’t let cooler, darker evenings dampen your party throwing skills.

With the right heating, decor and ambiance your patio can be transformed into a winter wonderland for hosting.  You will be surprised at how happy guests will be to get fresh air in the winter while sipping on delicious winter bevs and eating fresh off the BBQ.  But let’s be honest, nobody wants to do this and be cold!  First things first, choose your stylish outdoor heater, and build your dream winter patio from there.  Happy hosting! 


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