Experts tell us over and over again that stress is bad for our health. That’s why lots of people infuse relaxing habits into their lives like reading, exercising and meditation. What if you took these habits and created spaces in your home to help you embrace relaxation to the fullest? Like your backyard. Who wouldn’t love to walk out their backdoor into a zen garden that immediately calms the mind?

Zen gardens are primarily rock and sand, elements which will add interest to your landscaping. Plus, the more landscaping you have, the less yard work you have which means you can spend more time relaxing in your beautiful backyard. Here are 10 spaces to inspire you to bring zen into your garden and de-stress to the fullest.

You might have already noticed, but the way this zen garden is laid out feels like there is a river running around the edges without there actually being water. It creates visual stimulation that is interesting yet soothing, which is just what a zen garden should be. (via zeterre)

When you say less grass, what is to stop you from nixing the grass altogether? This backyard is full of texture and there is no patch of grass to stare you down and make you feel guilty that you haven’t mowed this week. Nobody needs that.

Sometimes you need to do a bigger project if you’re looking at a flat boring backyard. Create some levels in your space so you have zen at eye level as well as below your feet. If that’s not an opportunity for a waterfall, I don’t know what is. (via phillipsgarden)

Speaking of waterfalls, zen gardens are definitely the place to have one. The sound of moving water is so relaxing and can help to drown out traffic noise and loud neighbors. It doesn’t need to be large, just a little one splashing in some corner of your backyard. (via HGTV)

Maybe sand isn’t your thing. That’s okay. Opt for a fine gravel that will still give you raking ability for your relaxing pleasure but not get everywhere every time it rains. It’s the best of both worlds. (via hufft)

Maybe you’re more of a water fan than a small waterfall will appease. Go ahead and put a pool and a hot tub in your backyard. Not only will it draw you outside every day, it will make your friends want to hang out in your zen garden too. (via Home DSGN)

Do you have a shed or playhouse in your backyard? Time to commandeer it for meditating purposes. Clear the clutter and keep a comfy cushion and some candles available for some of the most relaxing sessions you’ve had yet.

Of course you can also build yourself a zen shed if you don’t already have one. A small corner of your yard can hold a little space for meditation or yoga or reading or whatever it is you do to relax. (via Katherineroper)

It might be just coincidence that Japanese plants add to the relaxing feel of a zen garden, but probably not. Get some bonsai trees and other Japanese plants if your climate will support them to take your zen garden to the next level. (via HGTV)

While it might seem like life with kids is just going to be crazy all the time, you can still create a backyard zen garden that will be a place for the whole family to relax. A swing to hang while the kids draw pictures in the sand and a fire pit for nice long weekends that are all about chill.

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