If you want to go for a Christmas color scheme that isn’t the traditional red and green, the second most popular option on the list is a cool blue and white scheme. The icy blue and the snowy white go well with the tones of winter. One way to have a blue and white Christmas is to go with a nautical holiday theme.

Most nautical themes make use of blue colors to match the sea, so a blue and white Christmas goes great with nautical decor. Whether you have a nautical theme in your home now or you’re planning one in the future, take a look below to see how to make seasonal decorating work with this popular home style.

Holiday Nautical Theme Oars on Wall

Hanging oars on the walls gives an instant nautical feel. Image: Robeson Design

Blue and White Tree with Oars

The photo above shows how well a basic tree with blue and white colors pairs with a nautical theme in the living room. The blue on the tree matches the blue tones in the ocean painting on the wall. The white tones on the tree also match the white sands in the painting.

This photo also shows how easy it is to get a nautical theme in your home if you’re thinking of trying it out. By placing a simple painting with a water theme under some wall-mounted oars, you have an instant oceanic look. And that can go great with your blue and white Christmas.

Holiday Nautical Theme Minimal Tree

Go subtle with collage wall art that has water themes. Image: Home At Last Interiors

White Tree and Nautical Art

Another idea for a nautical holiday theme is to go a little more modern and subtle. In the photo above, you can see how a simple white tree with blue ornaments makes an easy, minimalistic blue and white Christmas. The ornaments also match the aqua blue candle on the table and the blue throw pillow.

What gives this space a distinct nautical feel is the wall art. Part of the collage has a fish and there’s a sign pointing to a beach. The beach sign matches the other blue elements in the room. By choosing collage-style wall art with some water elements like in the photo above, you can easily create a subtle beach or water theme.

Holiday Nautical Theme Shells on Tree

Seashells make wonderful additions to a Christmas tree. Image: At Home

Seasonal Seashells

The photo above is one of our favorite ideas for a nautical holiday theme. It incorporates blue seashells right onto the tree itself, making your Christmas tree a natural part of the nautical home theme. If you look closely, there are even textures that look like coral, as well as ships and a life preserver on the tree.

The tree goes well with little wall accents like the nautical wreath and the seashell mirror frame. The throw pillow on the chair also has a fish theme. And then there are the “NOEL” and “JOY” pieces on the table with sand dollars as the Os. It goes to show how you can get a nautical holiday theme with some easy decor choices.

Holiday Nautical Theme Trailer Diorama

Create a feeling of vacations near the water with a conceptual holiday diorama. Image: Jamie Merida


The photo above is an interesting idea for a nautical holiday theme on a porch. The compass on the wall and the lantern on the table already give a nautical look. An evergreen wreath around the lantern gives an instant holiday feel.

But the real showstopper is the interesting diorama under the compass. The small trees and little holiday trailer give a look of holidays spent at the lake for some ice fishing. The white snow, trailer and trees combine well with the blue in the windows of the trailer, too. It even matches the white and blue-gray on the trim and siding of the home.

Holiday Nautical Theme White Tree

A tree with white decorations can fit with a blue and white nautical theme. Image: Jamie Merida

White Tree for a Nautical Holiday Theme

You could also try just going for a tree with white decorations since those are easier to find (not all stores carry blue and white Christmas themes). By adding some simple white decorations to a regular green tree, you can help it fit in with a blue and white nautical theme. If you have enough blue in the rest of the space, like the blue ship painting and upholstery in the photo above, you’ll naturally end up with a blue and white Christmas.

On the mantel, you can also see how natural evergreen fits around nautical elements like the lighthouse lantern and netting. Again, it just goes to show how surprisingly well nautical items fit with Christmas decorations.

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