GERMANY: Cochem - town on the Moselle [HD]

Cochem is a small traditional German town with half-timbered houses and an exceptionally scenic location on the river Moselle (German: Mosel) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The town is situated in a valley and has an almost Mediterranean climate, with warm sunny days over a 9 month season, summers are mild to hot.

Cochem is the center of the Mosel wine trade and is surrounded by high elevations, steep vineyards.

Mosel is one of 13 German wine regions for quality wines and takes its name from the Moselle River. The wine region is Germany’s third largest in terms of production but some consider it the leading region in terms of international prestige.

The steep river bank slopes that are scattered around the Mosel region are considered some of the most labor-intensive vineyards in the world. Mechanical harvesting is impractical and nearly seven times more man hours are needed in the Mosel than in flatter terrain. A benefit of the steep Mosel vineyards is that the incline allows for more direct sunlight to have contact with the vines.

The Moselle is a river flowing through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rhine, which it joins at Koblenz. The Moselle twists and turns its way between Trier and Koblenz along one of Germany’s most beautiful river valleys. Its hillsides are covered by terraced vineyards where some of the best Rieslings grow, and numerous ruined castles dominate the hilltops above wine villages and towns that line the riverbanks.

October, 2017

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