German Boho And Rustic Teepee Wedding

After years of searching for the right venue, Lucy and Florian opted for a teepee wedding! This was a gorgeous boho and whimsy-inspired wedding, after a ten-year relationship and a 5-year engagement, which is definitely worth seeing! Let’s do it.

With feathers in her hair and a wedding dress from La Donna, Lucy’s bridal look was the perfect mesh of whimsical and boho. Her dress was a high neckline one, she added nude shoes and a wavy half updo to make the look more romantic. The groom was wearing a brown jacket, black pants and a red printed bow tie. Walking down the aisle, Lucy held an overgrown wildflower bouquet created by Classy Flowers that was perfect for the occasion. The couple didn‘t have rings but tattoos, done one week before (secretly), so they just revealed them during the ceremony.

The wedding took place at their family’s property. The wedding ceremony space was decorated with boho rugs, a lush greenery and feather backdrop, string lights and hay stacks. The wedding seating charts were styled as dream catchers with hanging cards. The wedding tables were decorated with arrangements of herbs, dried flowers and feathers put here and there to create a boho ambience. There were oversized dream catchers hanging in the teepee to make it more boho-like. Colorful piñatas added fun to the dance floor, and the couple enjoyed beating them.

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