Do you have a balcony? Did you give it the attention that it needs? You and your balcony should have a special relationship just lie you have with the other rooms in your house. Why? Simply because it is an awesome place to spend your days and nights when you don’t feel like leaving the house.

Having a dreamy balcony will help you get relaxed and become happier. You can decorate your balcony so that it becomes a great place to have breakfast on those sunny summer and fall days or it can become your own little chic coffee place where you can have a cheeky coffee with your besties. This is easily achievable by just adding a table and two chairs in a color of your liking and there you have it!

Make it a place for relaxation, yoga or even a reading nook by adding a sofa or a really comfy armchair and lots of pillows. Don’t forget about the fairy lights that will make your evenings and nights look fairy like.  These are some great budget friendly options for balcony decor and if you follow them then your balcony will surely become your favourite place in your house.




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