Geometric Patterns: Bringing a Timeless Trend into 2019

Design: Lisa Furey

Many of today’s biggest home decor
trends are here one minute and gone the next. Where rose gold metallic accents
and macrame wall hangings have been popular in recent years, now other items
are taking their place. 

And whether you added a pretty rose
gold kitchen faucet to your master bath or changed your living room decor to
match that oversized macrame hanging, you’ll soon be spending more time and
money refreshing these outdated items.

Luckily, not all trends fall to the
wayside. One timeless trend that continues to be a popular choice in every type
of room — and which tends to get a refresh every few decades — is geometric
patterns. Keep reading to learn where this trend began and what you need to
know about using it in your home.

Design: Lisa Furey

A History of
Geometric Decor

It’s impossible to say exactly when
or where geometric tiles first appeared. Perhaps the most famous examples in
history are the Islamic tiles that cover archways, floors and walls in
beautiful colors and breathtaking patterns. But while those tiny tiles have
certainly inspired plenty of today’s popular backsplash and shower wall
designs, it wasn’t until recently that they began being copied in modern
design. However, the patterns they create have been repeated in other home
decor elements for decades. 

Geometric decor first had its moment
to shine in modern home decor in the midst of the Hollywood glam and drama of
the 1920s. Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles were all the rage, and both
incorporated richly colored and deep-hued tilework as well as patterned
wallpaper. Complemented by these styles were modern accents, inspired by
the growing German Bauhaus
, which featured furniture made from steel with simple
designs and gentle curves.

Geometric designs have resurfaced in
a number of decades since the 1920s, each time in a different way. From the
space-race-inspired patterns of the 1950s to the oversized florals of the
1960s, each new era has had its own take on the trend.

Design: Lisa Furey

What’s Old is New

Today’s geometric decor has come a
long way since the 1920s, but it’s still heavily inspired by yesterday’s
trends. From tilework to patterned wall hangings, colorful patterns have come
back into fashion once more.

A new take on these geometric designs
has also surfaced. Today, you’ll find tessellating patterns repeated not just
in fabric or on wallpaper but also in three-dimensional metal furniture and
decorative items.

Geometric Designs
in Every Room of Your Home

Unless you’re aiming for a retro
feel, seek out geometric patterns in bright, modern colors and prints. Don’t be
afraid to mix and match patterns, either. To keep your space from feeling
crowded and overwhelmed, stick to a color
scheme or choose large patterns with
enough white space to keep them feeling fresh.

Accent a wall in your bathroom or
your kitchen backsplash with fun geometric tiles. Then, choose a color from
those tiles or even a simple, clean white to tie the rest of your space in and
keep a smaller area from feeling too chaotic.

To incorporate this fun trend in your
living room or bedroom, opt for geometric shapes on a rug, a large piece of
hanging art, or even on an accent piece of furniture like a chair. Then, add in
throw pillows, comforters and other smaller items in complementary patterns or
in a similar color scheme. Finally, balance out these designs with modern
furniture pieces in sleek designs. For instance, the low-profile and sleek
lines of the Elm Sand 2pc Sectional is a soft accent that won’t detract from your other bold
style choices.

If you prefer a more minimalist
approach, you can still incorporate repeating shapes in a more subtle way. For
instance, start with the Pipeline Natural 3-Pack Occasional Tables. Then
incorporate other circular designs throughout the room like an oversized
circular rug or a hanging mirror in the shape of a circle. Together, these
elements take a timeless approach to this classic style.

Design: Lisa Furey

Making a Timeless
Trend Your Own

Geometric patterns have been around
for centuries — and people have turned to this style to decorate their homes
for decades. While it may rise and fall in popularity, it never truly falls out
of style. Indeed, if you want pieces that will stand the test of time, choose
simpler patterns and classic colors over trendier tones or styles. Add a few
timeless furniture pieces and you’ll have a room that you’ll never tire of!

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