Gathering treasures and more macrames

Even with the most positive intentions there are times when January and winter can feel really bleak. My rememedy is to get outside as much as possible but when thats not an option gathering my favourite things – books, fabric and flowers and immersing myself in pages of colour, remembering the smell and feeling of markets in faraway lands or simply planning this years garden is enough for a grey afternoon. 
I gathered this selection of treasures inspired by a recent macrame commission my mum did before Christmas, each one is my favourite and always reflects the personal style of the person that has ordered it. I’ve never made one but and desperate to learn, which is lucky as my mum has agreed to teach me. But not just me you can come too…I’m going to hold a macrame workshop in my craftroom Sunday 3rd February, 1.30 – 4pm, £35 pp. There are four spaces available so I’d you’d like to come along drop me a message to secure your place, I’d love to see you. xx

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