Sometimes brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, and this great idea is how to blur the line between indoor and outdoor while maintaining comfort. The question now is, do you want to live in a house surrounded by high walls? Of course not, but what if you don’t have a view? Visualized by UDesign, garden villa is not only a luxury villa but also a landscape design as an integral part of the villa, which can be placed on any plot that may not have a decent view to enjoy.

This house uses the concept of inside/out living, it is a concept that is widely applied to modern houses today. Basically designers want to blur the line between the garden and the house itself, and they have a pretty unique formula

One of the important parts of the garden villa is the selection of architecture and interior design that has a distinctive Japanese taste. It was almost like Zen consisting of trees, flowers, plants, stones, sand, and architectural elements. This combination of various elements uses nature as a vital ingredient, designed with precision and attention to detail, all put together in various ways with absolute respect for nature. Lighting, furniture, fixtures, and some elements may seem fun, but they are an integral part of the whole. They all have meaning and purpose. The result is a stunning villa with great internal views.

designer: UDesign

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