Stones and garden rocks last forever and you can always count on them to make your garden or backyard look more beautiful or eye-catching. Garden rocks come in a lot of different forms and it’s important to know what type to choose. After all, you’ll get to look at those rocks for quite some time after that and you want them to be just what your garden needs. To choose the right rocks you must first have a look around the area that you want to decorate and to try imagine how you want it to look like in a few years. Of course, if you don’t plan on planting too many trees or flowers, you can achieve the look much quicker than that.

If you want to add some warmth to your garden or to make your backyard seem more inviting, use beach pebbles or river rocks. They create this casual, laid-back ambiance that’s perfect for spaces where you usually sit back and relax or admire the view. These pebbles are also pretty versatile and they come various different sizes and colors so there’s plenty of room for customization here.

Rocks discourage weed growth so you can place them around your plants or flower beds
Just to be sure that no weeds grow on your pathways, install a weed barrier before you place the rocks
Use the rocks you found on the site to build a well or an abstract sculpture-like feature

To brighten up those shady areas in your rock garden, add some white marble chips. Their light color will make the space seem more cheerful and bright by contrasting with the soil and the overall ambiance there. This strategy can also be adapted to a variety of other situations. The opposite situation is also possible. If you think an area is too bright, add some darker pebbles or rocks to balance out the look.

Garden rocks can also be used to create a border around a pond. They’re great at camouflaging pond liners
Use different sizes of rocks for different purposes. For example, the larger ones create a border around the plants
Another idea is to create a stepping stone path using different types of rocks or different materials
Use rocks to create a pathway on a sloped site and to keep the soil in place
The rocks placed around a pond contrast with the water and give the garden a dynamic look
You can use rocks to draw attention to certain features around the garden, such as a water feature or a special tree
Use large rocks and boulders to shape the landscape or to crete waterfalls
If you want, you can also create a rock garden. Just take two or thre boulders and surround them with smaller stones
Put low-lying rock garden plants around the boulders and fill the gaps with smaller stones
Try to make all the rocks and stones in your garden look natural, as if they were there before you created the garden

Terracotta stones are pretty interesting. They’re not the best choice for gardens or yards that look formal but they’re really great at adding warmth to the landscape and giving it a casual and inviting look. They’re also a good option if you want to create a tropical landscape. You can also use terracotta tiles to create walkways in the garden.

Let the plants grow freely around the rocks for a more organic and natural decor
Use rocks and pebbles to shape your flower beds and to give the garden an organized look
You can even raise walls out of large rocks. There are no limits when it comes to being creative
Combine various materials, textures and forms to achieve the ambiance and decor that you wanted
Stones are visually-dominant in winter so think about that when you build your garden
The rocks are just a part of the garden so look at the big picture to find balance
For a modern decor, keep things simple, tidy and clean

Contemporary residences often require something more minimalist and there are several rock garden ideas to choose from in this case. Black lava rocks, for instance, can give your garden the glamorous and sophisticated look you wanted. Also, you can use small white pebbles to create a zen garden or you can create a focal point by strategically placing large rocks or boulders on the property. Their role would be similar to that of garden sculptures.

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