Garden design with decorative stones

Today we return to our favorite works, those in which the stone is an interesting design element and from which many decorations can easily be made. So we are looking at a new article about decorative stone mosaics, this time for the garden.

We do not need to explain what decorative stone is. But we remind you that in order to become an element of decoration in our garden, the stone was first broken up, washed and selected in various sizes. We find it in many garden shops, packed in bags and in a wide variety of colors.

Diy craft ideas using wire mesh and Stones

Decorative mosaics – Design ideas

We can make decorative mosaics regardless of the garden area. But if we want a spectacular result, we need a more spacious yard so that we can spot the created patterns. And if you want inspiration with motifs, we invite you to follow the most beautiful combinations of colors and shapes below.

Proposals of decorative mosaics with stones

There is hardly any need to say that in order to create wonderful decorations we must put your imagination to a test. For example, we can make some ornaments in the form of diamonds or special motifs with wavy lines.

Amazing ideas with stone gazebo without a roof

How to apply

It is as simple as possible to make such decorations in the garden. First of all, we need to delimit the space we want to decorate. We place a plastic substrate in this place to avoid the appearance of annoying weeds that can spoil our decor. Then spread out the ornamental stone in space, intermingling the types and colors between them.


















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