When you look at a photo of a clean home, you might think that they only belong in magazines and you could never achieve that yourself. But a clean home is essential to managing anxiety and stress in your life. It’s as simple as giving every item in your home a place. Suddenly, tidying a space becomes easy and you have your home looking like it belongs in a magazine. However, even with our clean and beautiful living spaces, there are still those hotspots that seem to collect clutter overnight. Namely, the garage. You probably flinched at the word. Garages are usually rife with clutter simply because we can throw it down and close the door, hiding it from our eyes and our minds. And then it’s spring and it’s time to dig out the lawn mower. While you’re digging you might as well embark on a garage spring clean. Garage cabinets, shelving and other solutions are available to help you get a handle on the seemingly out of control space. Take a look at these storage tips to help you have the best garage ever. Magazine worthy and all.

An empty wall in the garage is all you need for your storage inspiration. You can buy new cabinets or thrift them and fill the wall with hidden storage. If you do a lot of projects in your garage, car repair in particular, it’s probably wise to install your garage cabinets off the floor so you don’t have water, oil or other gunk seeping into your organized space.

While you probably won’t use your garage in its current cluttered state, giving yourself a workbench atop cabinet storage when you’ve cleaned out the space would be a luxury. A stainless steel countertop is perfect for projects that will leave a messy residue like oil or glue. For the woodworkers, some heavy duty butcher block is the perfect solution to create a crafty space for yourself.

If you’re going for a workbench like setup, you’ll want to use the entire wall to your advantage. Choose your cabinets and drawers underneath based on what you want to store in them. On the wall above, it’s time to go vintage and install a massive pegboard. Not only will it increase your storage space by hanging your tools on the wall, it will make crafting easy since everything is within sight.

Many garages already have permanent elements like an extra fridge or utility sink… or both! Luckily you don’t need an empty wall to install garage cabinets. Design your layout around these fixtures and what was once a dingy garage will become a styled organized space. It’s especially helpful when you use your garage as extra entertaining space for large parties and big family gatherings.

Sometimes our budgets don’t accommodate all our best laid design plans. If garage cabinets just aren’t in the cards for your space, there are other quick fixes that will have your garage organized in no time. Collect scrap wood, measure your space and build some shelves to fit your needs. You can paint them if you want them pretty or just start stacking the totes but either way, it will fix your storage problems on your terms.

Lots of things that you store in the garage can’t be packed away in boxes or cabinets. When that’s the case, it’s time to look into hanging storage. There are all kinds of systems for hanging storage these days so with a little research, you can choose what works best for your garage and get all those large items out of the corners and off the floor.

When your garage is your main storage space in your home, you need different combinations to achieve all the different kinds of storage needs. Cabinets and drawers are definitely a plus but don’t limit yourself to them. Mix them up with open shelving for large boxes and totes. Add some hanging storage for bikes and garden tools. Don’t forget a rack for work shoes too.

Are there kids in your home? That takes garage storage to a whole new level. Along with all the necessary house maintenance storage, you have sports equipment, extra shoes, skateboards and bikes. Think old school and install some locker like cabinets in your garage. Each kid is assigned a locker and now that they have a place for all their things, they’re responsible for putting them away.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful mudroom in our homes… and some of us aren’t. But just because we don’t have the actually room doesn’t mean we can’t have a beautiful mudroom like spot in the garage. Put together these mudroom like lockers for kids to stash shoes, coats, bags and balls in the garage instead of throwing them in a pile by the door.

When you have small kids in the home, you want to think differently when it comes to storing their toys and play equipment. A set of open shelves in the garage with some bright buckets make a great place to store balls, chalk, bubbles and all those other outdoor things they use. It also keeps them from making a mess while searching for said outdoor things because they’re place is easily accessible to small legs.

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