Whether bright and bold, or chic and sophisticated, our love of floor tiles has been well documented over the years. And seriously, who can blame us? Not only are floor tiles functionally durable, they also have the power to totally transform the look of a space. In essence, floor tiles are basically an effortless means of cheating your way to good design. It’s no wonder they remain one of the most popular flooring options on the market today.


To prove our point, we’re taking you along on a journey through tile heaven. Ahead, we’ve handpicked our favorite floor tile design inspirations for your viewing pleasure. Keep scrolling for more.

Floor Tile Design Inspiration

Red Herring

Introducing an updated take on the classic herringbone wood flooring. These tiles are the perfect fit for any of our minimalist-minded readers.

Bright contemporary bathroom with white, pink and yellow herringbone patterned floor tiles | NONAGON.style

Pops of pink and yellow are unexpected design twists which add some much needed color to the space. The floor tiles are very Scandinavian in their understated playfulness. Overall, it’s a nice contrast to the elegance of the marble sink and clawfoot tub.

White Out

We’ve said time and again that a bold colorful floor tile is the perfect way to bring personality to an all-white space. Case in point – this chic bathroom.

White bathroom with warm orange and red decorative floor tiles and gold taps | NONAGON.style

The intricate burnished floor tiles introduce boho flair into an otherwise sterile aesthetic. We especially love the addition of the solid wood and gold hardware accents which add to the visual warmth of the final look.

Black Magic

FYI: floor tiles don’t have to be colorful to make a statement.

Contemporary bathroom with black herringbone floor tiles and white and green zig zag wall tiles | NONAGON.style

Here, the contrast between the shiny black floor tiles and white grout are design magic enough. Amp up the drama by going matchy-matchy with the walls!

Bright Star

Honeycomb floor tiles have become a firm favorite of ours in recent years. And Cameron Ruppert’s dreamy take only intensifies our growing love affair.

Eclectic kids bathroom with blue star floor tiles and white wood panel walls | NONAGON.style

Here, Ruppert plays into the whimsical nature of these star-tinged floor tiles by placing them in a kids bathroom. However, given its classic rich blue hue, we think it’d also work well in a grown up space, complemented by white marble and mirrored chrome accents.

Farm Fresh

To many, decorative kitchen floor tiles scream of 70s kitsch. Yet this pretty rustic kitchen shows why they couldn’t be more wrong.

Contemporary rustic kitchen with patterned floor tiles and pastel blue oven | NONAGON.style

Soft muted tones are key to avoiding the garish retro look. Opt for matte finishes and organic ceramic textures to keep the overall look light and natural.

For more floor tiles inspiration, check out this round up of our favorite perfectly patterned tiles.


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