Casual outfits are usually my go-to looks as they provide comfort and which is exactly what I am looking for on sunny hot days. What better way to look casual than to wear denim? This is why I went looking for a denim shirt that will be there for me during the summer and that matches most of my clothes.

I have a very sensitive skin which means that soft fabric is my priority. I want something I can wear when it’s boiling outside and not get a rash or irritate my skin. I started scanning what most brands offer and I either found harsh fabrics or overly-detailed pieces which makes them non-matching with most of the items I have.

It was when I tried the denim shirt from Max that I felt content. It was made of pure cotton which was gentle on my skin, absorbs sweat, and the design was very basic like I wanted it to be because the more basic the easier I can style it with different items from my closet.

Now I have had the denim shirt by Max Fashion for three years and it hasn’t changed despite the continuous wash and wear. This is why whenever I am looking for basic cotton clothes, I turn to Max knowing I will find the simple basics that fit for everyday looks with good quality.