Each year, we try to come up with creative ways for kids to gift classroom Valentines (1, 2, 3). You could go the store bought route, but where’s the fun in that? Today we’re partnering with Pocky to share a few ideas for super easy DIY Valentines.  All you need are a few snacks, tchotchkes, a printer, and cardstock! Pocky are an excellent candy alternative (I used to obsess over the biscuity cookie snack growing up). They’re great on the go, and come in a bunch of different flavors. Bonus — there are lots of sticks in a pack, so they’re easy to share! Read on to see them all.

Pocky-Valentines-0003RT-WEBChocolate Valentine — Materials Needed: Chocolate Pockycardstockwashi tapefavor bag,  scissors, ruler

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!
Etch-a-Sketch Valentine — Materials Needed: Mini Etch-A-Sketchcardstockfavor bag

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!
Magic 8 Ball Valentine — Materials Needed: Mini Magic 8 Ballcardstockfavor bag

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!
Matcha Valentine — Materials Needed: Matcha Pockycardstockwashi tapefavor bagscissors, ruler

Step 1: Print out your centered punny valentines onto pieces of cardstock.
Step 2: Measure a 3” by 8” strip of cardstock around the valentines and cut out.
Step 3: Secure your cardstock strip around the Pocky boxes using a bit of washi tape. Go out and surprise your Valentine!

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!
Eiffel Tower Valentine — Materials Needed: Eiffel Tower keychaincardstockwashi tape

Funny Punny Valentines | Oh Happy Day!
Berry Valentine — Materials Needed: Strawberry Pockycardstockwashi tapefavor bagscissors, ruler

Crafting by Erica Kjos

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