New Year’s Eve is the perfect date for a wedding. After all, there is no one who is not in a festive mood and eager to celebrate. In addition, it is one of the most elegant festivities of the year and the perfect opportunity to include a lot of gold, glitters, and champagne at your wedding.

These are some of the best ideas to make your New Year’s Eve Wedding a splurge of glamour.

Thematic Stationery

Remember that the theme of your wedding should be reflected from the beginning. Tie all your stationery ideas in terms of typography, color palette, and design so you can impress all your guests.

Fun Ideas For an Epic New Year's Eve Wedding

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Black Dresses For Your Bridesmaids

Yes! It is an unconventional color for a lady, but New Year’s Eve (and your wedding, of course) is the ideal occasion to take the tight etiquette rules to another level and dress your ladies with an unexpected but elegant color.

Bright and Textured Dresses

If you really want your bridesmaids to stand out, dress them with textures that make them look glamorous and beautiful. Sequin dresses, with bright details or in different ranges of gold and silver.

Fun Ideas For an Epic New Year's Eve Wedding

Image by Anna_Bella from Pixabay

Bubbles’ Glass Pyramid

Champagne is the quintessential companion of the New Year and the great celebrations, create a spectacular pyramid of 20s-style glasses and toast for many years of marriage.

Fun Ideas For an Epic New Year's Eve Wedding

Image by Dorigo from Pixabay

Personalized Champagne

Another way to spoil your guests is with a souvenir that they can enjoy during the evening. Nothing better than a tiny personalized Champagne bottle.

Personalized Bottle Accessories, For Some Bubble Party Favors1

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Nobody said that the balloons are only for children, they are synonymous with celebration and joy. In addition, in the correct range of colors, they will also become a very chic decorative element.

Balloons with Numbers

Pay tribute to the year that comes and includes decorative balloons with the 2020 number on it.

Gold & Black Decoration

The ultimate combination of elegance. Take it to your table setting, you will see that it is so colorful in itself that you will not have to add more details to make it look like a magazine.

Gold & White Decoration

If you are going to have a daylight wedding or you simply lean more towards light colors, keep it simple and classy, ​​the white and gold are another winning combination to reflect sophistication.

Photo Backdrop

Nowadays it is essential to have space where your guests can be portrayed. Decorate a wall or corner where photos can be taken to share on social networks.

Thematic Props

If you have a photo booth, include both allusive props for your wedding and the New Year, they will be a success.

More Props!

Don’t be afraid to include too many New Year’s props in your wedding, your guests will love it.

Gold and Silver Confetti

Remember that tour guests are having a double celebration, so be sure to include as many holiday items as you can.

Thematic Photo Session

Ask your photographer for ideas to capture your wedding theme in the official photographs of the big day. Also, save some of the props that give that day for the photoshoot.

Bengal Lights & Fireworks

Illuminate one of the most important moments of the party with your friends, and family beloved members, just the magical touch you needed for welcoming the new year, and this new chapter in your life.



Cover image by Dorigo from Pixabay

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